How a Dui Conviction can Impact your Permanent Record Jobs and Life

When most people consider the implications of a DUI conviction they think about the immediate impact of fines, suspended licenses, and possible jail time. What they don’t consider is how this conviction will stay with them for years to come. Having a DUI on your record is not only embarrassing and costly in the short term, as it can often hurt your chances of finding a good job, affordable automobile insurance, and your mental health.

A DUI conviction can be a career ender for some professions. Teachers, coaches, and politicians are often forced to resign following DUI convictions. May leaders feel that a good role model should lead by example; therefore someone who has been arrested for a DUI is not seen as being a positive influence on children or the community. Not only can a DUI conviction cause someone to lose their current job, it can lead to a lack of job opportunities in the future. Some employers require that their employees have clean driving records, making it more likely that an applicant with a DUI will be passed over. Employers do not want the additional liability and cost associated with insuring a driver who has had a DUI conviction in the past. If that conviction was part of a felony arrest you many have trouble finding a job, even where those convicted of another type of felony would have no problem.

A DUI conviction can play havoc on your life in other areas as well. After a DUI conviction personal auto insurance rates climb to rates that are astronomical compared to what was being paid before the conviction. Any person with a DUI conviction on their record causes insurance companies to view them as an added risk. Rates increase to higher rates to compensate insurance providers for taking on the added risks. This added cost will remain on someone’s insurance for several years depending on what state the conviction was in and how the state insurance laws work.

Many people get over the financial problems associated with a DUI over time. However, the social stigma associated with a conviction is something that may take a lifetime to fully recover surpass. Someone who got a DUI when they were younger may find that people assume they spend their whole life drinking and driving. Others find that people lose respect for them once they have this DUI on their record.

Before making the decision to get behind the wheel after a night on the town think about the consequences. Don’t just think about what will happen immediately if you are caught driving while intoxicated. Think about the long term effects your carelessness will have on your life. Not only will being responsible save your life and the lives of others, it can save your future as well.