How a Dui Conviction can Impact your Permanent Record Jobs and Life

Believe it or not, a very small percentage of people who drive under the influence on the roadways within the United States of America get arrested and convicted of operating a motor vehicle while physically or mentally impaired. First of all the person in question has to commit a traffic violation or otherwise come to the attention of the arresting officer.

If you are one of those people you have just caused yourself to spend a great deal of money during the next three years of your life. Depending on the severity of the incident that resulted in your arrest you can have your vehicle license suspended for a year or more or you might lose your driving privileges forever. You can also spend time in prison, even if you did not cause the injury or death of people who, due to your reckless behavior, became victims of an accident that you caused.

Yes, you can also be sued for an amount that exceeds your total net worth and have to pay the injured person a share of your future earnings for what could be the rest of your life. Then again, if your case is not that serious you better believe that when you can legally operate a motor vehicle again the cost of your vehicle insurance will be astronomical for at least the next three years afterward.

One night of careless abandon on your part can and has destroyed the lives of many people forever. You see, such behavior also indicates a total lack of responsibility on the part of the person who finds themselves in such a situation, and you better believe that such behavior will appear in your employment record. No doubt, you will lose time at work that you will have to explain or, in some cases, you will be terminated from your job.

So too, a DUI conviction also means that you are a convicted felon. If you do lose your job you will have one heck of a time finding employment and maybe end up homeless and slowly dying on the street within the United States of America.

So, you better think twice about driving a motor vehicle while under the influence. Having done so, do not do it again. If you do kill or hurt another person, that is one mistake that will haunt your conscious forever.