Using Ebay to Pay down Debt

Your debt crisis didn’t happen overnight, but selling on eBay can be a lucrative way to relieve your debts in a hurry. Posting items to an eBay auction can earn you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in a relatively short amount of time. Remember to always include postage in your calculations, the goal is trying to make money and not spend it.

Online auctions

Earn some extra money by using eBay to get rid of items no longer used in the household. Apply this money to debts and debt relief is in sight.


Decluttering one’s home is a quick way to make some extra money. Gather those items that are simply taking up space and find out what the original cost was for said items. Adjust the price down (unless it’s for antiques), and take a few great photos to add to your listing and post them to eBay for some extra cash. Repeat this process until the home is decluttered and the debt crisis is over.

No longer used

Decluttering isn’t just items that are taking up space, but also those items that are simply no longer used. That waffle iron that no one uses, the extra pillows in the den etc. All of these items can gain some much needed funding that will go far in the debt relief plan.

More than one

Many people hesitate to part with items that they have more than one of because they worry about silly things such as “what if my item breaks?” Take into consideration how long said item has been in existence, how often has it had to be replaced in the past and how often is it used? Balancing these questions with the item will often help one to see the benefit of getting rid of the extra item on eBay via auction and making some money to put toward debt.

While surviving a debt crisis can be a painful experience, it doesn’t have to be if one uses a practiced eye to survey items around the home that are no longer in use. Consider collections that aren’t added to any longer due to lack of interest, and duplicate items (birthday or Christmas gifts) and the like when trying to decide what to sell on eBay. There is always a way to make a few extra dollars without having to spend an excess amount of time at a job. Take advantage of such options and get out of debt painlessly.