Four Ways your Freezer can Reduce your Food Costs

Owning and using a freezer is one of the most economical and frugal moves your family can make. Below are four ways you can use your freezer to save both time and money:

1.  You can freeze extra meals when cooking.

If you’re going to heat your stove or oven to cook a meal, why not cook extra and freeze a meal? The energy savings from not heating appliances can be significant, as well as the convenience of having a meal that only needs re-heated. Buying in bulk may offer additional savings. If it’s less expensive to buy a large bag of cheese or five pounds of ground beef, you will save money by making three meals at one time and freezing two of them for the future.

2.  You won’t have to dine out when there’s “nothing to eat” or your family is too busy to cook.

If you have a freezer that is well-stocked, you will save money on busy evenings when you don’t have the time to whip up something in the kitchen. Uncooked homemade pizzas can be assembled and frozen to be baked at a moment’s notice. Most pasta dishes freeze well and heat up quickly, as do vegetables.  You’ll be assured your family is eating something healthy, while passing on the fast food drive-through.

3.  You can freeze leftovers and save money on lunches.

Many leftover meals can be frozen and are the perfect portion for quick lunches.  Not only will you prevent throwing away food, but you’ll save time and money by eating a homemade lunch at work or home. You might also have a “leftover night” when each family selects his or her favorite leftover meal from the freezer for dinner.

4.  You can stock up when items are on sale.

By far, the biggest advantage of owning a freezer is being able to stock up on food items when they go on sale. The most significant savings comes from buying meat during sale cycles. Whether it be chicken breasts, roast, or ground beef, stocking your freezer when meat is reduced will save your family money.  Other items can be frozen as well including bread, vegetables, and fruit.

The advantages of owning a freezer will far outweigh the costs of the freezer in the long run.  Developing a system where you freeze extra meals, pre-plan quick foods, and stock up when food is on sale will help your family eat healthier and reduce food and grocery costs.