Effective ways for lowering household food costs

In almost every household, food takes up a large portion of the monthly budget. There are many households that become short of money because of high food bills or mismanaged grocery shopping. Here are some effective ways to reduce the grocery bill:

Stop wasting food

One of the best ways to stop wasting food is to make use of ingredients before they go bad and be aware of sell by dates when purchasing. Do not place too much food on a plate because once it is served, it may be left. It may not possible to control the amount of food that is thrown away, but a household that wants to reduce its grocery bill should buy and serve less in the first place.

Don’t be brand loyal

Branded products often cost more than other products and branded products are seldom available at sale price. If a household is looking to reduce grocery bills, then it is wise to try alternative products that offer more or less the same quality at less cost.

Buy in bulk

The key to reducing grocery bills is to buying products in bulk when they are on sale. Most products go on sale every 6-8 weeks, so buy food in bulk to last that long because if a person doesn’t buy when the product is on sale, next time he or she will have to pay more as the product is not on sale. However, be aware that this applies to food that can be preserved. Buying too much fresh food in bulk that cannot be consumed before expiring or going bad is not financially wise.

Consume less meat

Obviously meat costs more than vegetables, so it is advisable to eat less meat. For example, eating meat just a couple times a week saves a great deal of money for households that eat meat everyday. Meat can also made better use of through creative recipes.

Stick to the list

Yes, many times people end up buying products that are not needed, thus increasing their grocery bill. Before hitting the grocery store, check the food list twice. Just buy the products that have immediate utility.

Eat before shopping

This might sound silly, but this is very important if a person wants to control his or her budget because if a person goes to shopping with an empty stomach, then there is a good probability that he or she will buy more than needed. On the other hand, if a person goes shopping after having food, then it is less likely that he or she will stray from shopping list.

Shop multiple stores

Shopping in multiple stores may be time consuming, but it is one of the best and most effective methods of reducing the grocery bill. Find the best deals in nearby stores and choose the one that suits the budget and offers products at the best price.

General tips

Don’t be distracted while shopping; buy only those products that are needed. Use coupons wisely and smartly. Cook in bulk and freeze what is left. Look for ‘buy one get one free’ (BOGOF) products. Spend less money eating out; in other words, eat home-cooked food. Eating home prepared food rather than packet food is also healthier in some cases.

Just a few changes in your shopping habits will save you lots of money. Implement these ways to save and stay within a grocery budget.