Banks with Great Online Banking Services

Banks with great online banking services…. is there really such a thing?

I have been with my bank for nearly 10 years now, cant say that is a great online banking facility, and I have over the past 3 years paid for the privilege, having just paid off a bank loan lasting 3 years duration.

They call it 24 hour banking and yes, you can and I have called up my bank in the middle of the night to discuss an issue, which I have been tossing and turning, over in my bed for (no I am not sad) but you know what its like for us creative folk, all our minds turn over the days events and things like normal household accounts sometimes get over looked.

Anyway getting back to the subject in hand, I have called my bank in the middle of the night and talked over a problem with a certain representative of the bank, but sometimes it would turn out that they could not do certain things as a certain department was not functioning 24 hours a day (despite the banks claim) and they would put a note on my file for someone to call me and discuss further the issue.

The fact that you can now amend, stop or change payments to be made via the banking online system is just brilliant, but recently my banking on line facility had a technical fault and I now have to do a little extra keyboard work to get to the point where I need to be.

Online banking services now are getting like the text messaging services, whereas years ago, I remember my dad saying to my mum “I have made an appointment to see the bank manager” to discuss whatever it was he wanted to discuss and sure enough, my dad would see the manager of the bank. I doubt very much indeed if anyone gets to see the bank manager any more, let alone talk to him on the online banking services.

Mind you I dont think my dad has got used to the idea of doing internet banking and still goes into the bank and says that he never sees any people serving behind the counter anymore.

Banks with great online banking services, well as stated above, they may be great, but as with all banking facilities, they are only great because we pay for them to be so.

Nothing is for free and especially great banking on line services.