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Pay your bills online safely and quickly.

One of the two biggest misconceptions about paying bills online is that the transmission of such sensitive financial data is not secure and that paying online leaves your payment at the mercy of many conditions such as network failure, computer error, communication glitches, and more.

These situations rarely occur and when they do the company handling the bill payment services will rectify it, refund any late fees incured, and help prevent theft of financial information. Online banking and online bill paying in fact make your financial life much easier and more organized. Using the internet to pay your bills allows you to get instant confirmation that a payment was sent and recieved, automatic payment options so you never miss a bill, automatic account management, and a detailed picture of your bill and payment history.

People can choose to log on to individual sites of those who they must pay each bill to and use options such as paying by checking account or paying by credit/debit card on secure payment sites. People who want to take full advantage of online banking will want to check out the online banking services often offered by their current banks or services that can schedule and automate the payment of bills. Bills being paid online range from gym memberships to mortgages and everything in between.

The most popular form of online bill payment comes in the form of automatic bill pay run through credit cards or debit cards. Many merchants, service providers, and companies that you pay a bill to offer the option to automatically charge the account of your choice (such as your bank account or credit card) at a specified time each month. Think of it like reverse direct deposit. Many credit card companies along with many banks offer online bill pays services that automate your bills under one account and ensure that payment reaches each destination on time and in full.

There is no worry of late fees, missed payments, or even stamp purchasing to bother with when you your online bill pay service offered by your bank, your credit card, and even the companies whom you pay. The best part is the majority of these options is 100% free to use and will actually save you money in the long run, not to mention a lot of paperwork and worry. Always check the fine print for online bill payment services and keep in mind that some merchants charge a transaction fee when you have what you owe billed to a credit card. Apartment complexes are notorious for this ‘fee’ used to offset fees charged to merchants by credit card processors. You’ll also want to ensure your accounts are properly funded, you don’t want a bill to be automatically paid from a credit card that may go over the limit or a checking account that is crossing into overdraft territory.

Overall if you choose to pay your bills online you’ll be rewarded in many ways. You’ll worry less, avoid late fees, have the chance to earn rewards and cash back on your credit cards, and experience a higher level of financial security in terms of protecting your financial data and in saving money.