Why do Women Spend so much Money on Clothes

Most women enjoy shopping, and buying clothes seems to be a hobby for some of them. They can simply hand over their credit card or fill in their bank details online only to come to the realisation that they have spent quite a substantial amount of money on clothes, though it doesn’t feel as if they have since no ‘real’ money was exchanged. If they shop enough at a particular shop they might have a store card which gives them special discounts, but in reality offers them an excuse to spend more. Women want to look good and, indeed, a certain amount of pressure is placed on them to do so which isn’t on men. Although men may be catching up with regards to the time, energy and money they spend on looking good, they are yet to catch up with women.

Women generally spend a lot of money on clothes for themselves and sometimes for their children and partners, but when it comes to their own clothing they don’t always make the wisest financial decisions. Instead of looking around to find the best deals women tend to pick out clothes that are in fashion and which they believe suit them. The cost is irrelevant in a lot of cases, particularly if they can just whip out their credit card. It is even easier to spend money when shopping online, as it only takes a few clicks and you’ve purchased a lot of expensive merchandise.

The majority of women buy clothes that are new and are sometimes drawn to certain brands and designer labels, even though all the clothes on show are probably made in a factory in China. However, they are paying for the name and are letting the world know that they can afford to make such extravagant purchases. They may not even need new clothes, but just want to buy something stylish. This might change when they get home, though, and they suddenly decide that actually they don’t like what they’ve bought, but can’t be bothered with the hassle of taking it back, and thus throw it into the back of their wardrobe, having never even worn it.

Most women find they have items of clothing that they have never worn or haven’t worn for many years. There are those who buy clothes that are purposely too small for them to give them an incentive to lose weight. In some instances it may work, but in most it probably won’t. These women simply end up with a lot of beautiful, unworn clothes and no chance of fitting into them. It certainly makes sense to get clothes that fit and try them on in the store or work out the measurements so that you can make sure you order the right size for you, if you don’t simply want to waste your money.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes to look good, but too many women see pictures of glamorous celebrities and believe they can recreate the look, and are prepared to pay ridiculous sums to achieve it.