How to Save Money on your Directv Bill

In today’s economy, consumers sometimes find it necessary to “lighten the load” to maintain financial stability.  For many individuals “luxury” items such as entertainment are the first to be cut from the family budget. However, before removing these items completely, consumers should know there are ways to retain television programming at a reduced cost.

The television has been a staple of the American home since the 1950s.  As the number of televisions in American homes has grown over the years, the programming options available to those homes has increased as well.  Today both the cable and satellite industries offer pre-packaged programming to their customers.  Many times consumers find these packages too expensive for their budgets. These packages often include channels that are rarely watched.  

To begin saving money on your DirecTV bill, login to and create an account.  Once registered you can examine your current package and determine if there are any things attached to your subscription that are not necessary.  DirecTV advertises four packages.  These packages range between 150 to 285 channels.  Other packages are available for long-term customers.  These programming packages are rarely advertised and are usually significantly less expensive.  By making a call to DirecTV you may be able to subscribe to one of these discount packages. 

Another quick and easy way to reduce your monthly bill is to drop any premium and sports packages from your account.  These packages offer a variety of entertainment channels but in reality aren’t always necessary for the average consumer.  Even the most basic package offered by DirecTV includes channels that broadcast movies and sports.  Dropping these premium services is an easy way to cut $10 or more from your monthly expenses.

DirecTV sometimes offers special discounts for long term customers.  By calling 1-800-DIRECTV and asking what specials are available for long time customers, you may be able to secure one of these deals.  Also, if your financial situation is such that you must temporarily reduce your debt, DirecTV will allow you to suspend your account for up to 6 months at no cost.  One of these “service holds” will be done if your current account balance is zero.   

DirecTV charges for each additional satellite receiver you have in your home.  By removing receivers from your account that are rarely used you will continue to add to your savings.  Also, the DirecTV Protection Plan provides security in the event of damage to your satellite dish or wiring in your home.  This plan adds a monthly charge to your bill.  If you are willing to take the risk, the protection plan can be eliminated from your service and provide additional savings.

As the financial situation in the United States has worsened, consumers have no doubt felt the squeeze.  Americans have been forced to answer difficult questions about the validity of their monthly expenses.  This nation has had a love affair with the television for generations and it remains a source of entertainment that is difficult for many to walk away from.  By taking some of the steps outlined, you may put yourself in a position to continue enjoying the services provided by DirecTV and save money while doing so.