Investment Retirement Croatia

Try Croatia!

The country is waiting for acceptance to the European Union and civilization standards, security, comunications and legal system have reached the western level. It is located in the very center of Europe, Zagreb is 400 km from Vienna and Budapest, 2 hrs by plane from London, Berlin and Paris. Direct flights from Zagreb to USA ( Chicago?) are scheduled to start summer 2011.

Current moment is good for buying or renting property in continental and rural parts because the EU will certainly push the prices up. There are about 13.000 flats on the market in the capital Zagreb only. New first class flats in central Zagreb are sold at 2.400 Eurs/m2. Immobilities market on the Adriatic coast did not suffer such a big drop, but it has some different pros and contras. Pro is a beautifull lively summer period and contra is a rainy winter. Still, not so bad as North-west of Europe.

Borderline position between the western, eastern and oriental cultures has made Croatia a showcase of civilizations, in a good and in a bad way. Bad way has reached an end after Croatia has joined NATO and the good features are versatility of folklore, music, tradition, public oppinion and behaviour.

What made me write these lines?

My son visited Norway last week (end of May) and he was surprised by a snowfall. In the same time we had sunshine here.
I have just returned from the market with a 1/2 kg of fresh sardines ( 1.5 Eur), 1 kg strawberrys ( 2 Eurs), 1 kg pork ( 5 Eur).

Private health services are cheap as a consequence of the state regulated health protection in communism. Insurance policies are available by world known companies.

Drop in standard has put many houses and properties in countryside to the market  because in communism people were banned from investing in businesses and they invested in country pleasure homes. Now days, these houses are too much of a burden for many and are sold under price. Land reform and requirements of the European union shall make even more small farmers move away from their unproductive farms which shall be sold cheaply for pleasure homes.

Good system of highways makes them not far from centres of urban living.

Tradition of state sponsored culture, started in Austro – Hungarian time and continued in Yugoslavia offers many concerts and exibitions through the year.

Thanks to the facts that through non existance of the Iron Curtain, tourism and migrant workers, Croatians are used to foreigners much more than other East European communities. Foreign languages are spoken better than elswhere.

Think about it!