UK Tenants Insurace Policies

Finding tenants insurance in the UK is quite a challenge. Most insurance companies prefer to deal with exclusively with homeowners. But renters also require coverage for their personal belongings in the event of an unexpected loss. Fortunately there are insurance companies in the UK that offer tenants insurance, recognizing the importance of this often under-serviced insurance market sector. Knowing why you need tenants insurance and where to find the best policies will help you make an informed decision and protect yourself against unforeseeable loss. It will also help you to establish an insurance history which is useful when looking into homeowners insurance in the future.

Tenants insurance

Even when you do not own your own home, you still have your personal belongings; these items could cost you significant amount of money to replace in the event of a theft or fire. Having tenants insurance coverage will protect you from having to pay to replace your personal possessions and honour the insurance guarantee of indemnity. Indemnity means to replace you to the position you were in at the time of the loss.

Insurance companies in the UK that offer tenants insurance:

Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited

Endsleigh understands that renters need insurance coverage, and offer their clients excellent tenants policy options. You can arrange for coverage whether you have 3,000 or as much as 150,000.

Among the coverages available are accidental damage to televisions, coverage for garden contents, coverage for home office equipment, and legal documents. You can also have your computer covered whilst in your home, or purchase additional protection for your portable laptop.

Another great feature is that up to six people sharing one house or flat can be accommodated under one convenient policy. Endsleigh offers convenient and affordable monthly payments, making it easier to keep your insurance coverage in place.


Get coverage for your personal belongings to help guard against loss from fire, lightning, earthquake, storm or flood. Have an iPod or digital camera? It could cost you plenty to replace expensive items such as these. With extra valuables coverage, you will not have to pay out of your own pocket if your belongings are stolen.

HomeLet reminds you that not only do you need to insure your personal belongings, but you also need coverage in case you damage your landlord’s property. Your landlord’s policy does not extend to protect tenants belongings, or damage caused by the tenants or their guests.

Your policy will cover you for damage you cause up to 2,500 to your landlord’s building, fixtures, and fittings. Additionally, you will get 1,000,000 worth of personal liability coverage to protect you and your guests should your actions require you to go to court.


Letsure offers affordable tenants insurance solutions that do not have to cost the earth. You can obtain a quote online for 30,000 worth of belongings, or higher values over the phone. Your policy will protect you against damages you cause to your landlord’s goods up to 2,500, as well as personal liability cover. If your building becomes uninhabitable and you need to live somewhere else whilst repairs are made, you can have coverage for these expenses up to 20% of your contents insured.

Paragon Advance

Insure your possessions with Paragon Advance even if you have as little as 5,000 in your flat. Your household goods, personal furniture, stamp or coin collections, and even small sums of money can all be covered. Get up to 2,000,000 worth of personal liability protection to guard against your actions or those of your guests. It has never been easier or more affordable to protect those items you have worked so hard to obtain.

Brokers Direct

Protect your belongings no matter where you live including flats, bed-sits, shared accommodation, or halls of residence for students. Damage from fire, smoke, flood, theft or attempted theft, escape of water, and explosion are just some of the named perils that you can arrange insurance against. Obtain up to 2,000,000 in personal liability coverage. Plus you can have insurance for accidental loss of oil and metered water or alternative accommodation should your building have to undergo repairs after a loss.


Aon knows that clients need to protect themselves no matter where they live. As experts in social housing insurance, Aon can find the right solution for you and prevent your having to lose everything you own in a loss. Aon’s packages mean excellent belongings protection and liability coverage to give you peace of mind, knowing that you and your family are secure.

There are many great options for tenants insurance policies in the UK, making it easier than ever to find the coverage that is right for you. For years renters were overlooked when it came to insurance but now you can discover the many options available to you. Protect yourself today against the unexpected of tomorrow.