There are four main reasons why health insurance costs more than it ever has for the average person within the United States of America. For some people that yearly cost has increased more than 2,000 percent since 1973.

Like any other kind of insurance, the more people who contribute to a particular plan the less it costs for each person to be a part of that plan. The total yearly cost for that particular health care plan is spread over more people within the plan so the cost per person is less.

Then again, since 1973, mainly, multinational corporations have been taking away jobs from the people within the United States of America. More than ten million jobs were lost to Foreigners in Foreign Countries. That’s ten million people who either found another job or simply became self-employed, homeless or died. There is no true numbers of people who again were able to take part in an employer paid health insurance plan, but you can believe that maybe half of those people do not now have any kind of health insurance.

The second biggest reason why health insurance is higher than a kite in a hurricane is the fact that more than 12 million people within our Country have the A.I.D.S. virus. For each of those people, the cost to treat those people is beyond belief. The cost for medical supplies in which to protect the doctors and nurses who treat all of us is beyond belief, because none of those medical professionals want to die from A.I.D.S. or spread the virus to their other patients.

Yes, doctors make mistakes. As it happens, because there is a shortage of truly good doctors, and with the help of the legal system, thousands of doctors were sued for mal-practice and subsequently lost, causing their mal-practice insurance cost to be as much as a quarter million dollars each year. No matter how you look at that problem, that’s big bucks being paid that does not heal people, but it is their patients who end up paying the cost. That cost could be the patient’s life or additiomal money paid toward the doctor’s mal-pratice insurance.

Last, but not least, there are an estimated 12-20 million illegal aliens within our Country. When they require a doctor some of them usually do not pay their treatment costs. That is also true for the cost of an ambulance, hospital and testing laboratory. As a result, those unpaid treatment costs are added to the cost of paying people in the form of higher fees for each service and/or treatment provided to all of the people who seek medical treatment. Those higher costs are also paid by insurance companies who, in turn, raise the cost for their insurance coverage.

Now you know why health care insurance costs are so high and are beyond the reach for the average person within our Country. From an economic point of view, prices and wages are not downwardly mobile. It takes a depression in order to lower prices and there is no painless cure for that problem, while the emergency rooms in all of our hospitals are filled to capacity nearly 24 hours each day.