The Lighter Side of Income Taxes

Come to think of it, income tax moments could be fun and are not really a hassle. From the perspective of the neighborhood where I come from, at least.

When the period comes, it comes. You know you have to be a responsible citizen and fill in your income tax forms. It is not really a hassle. You get to review in a summary how much your employer is paying you per annum, and how much you are earning so far, and in a year’s time or so. Any bonuses payout, that kind of thing.

Questions that you always put aside to ask your employer, but didn’t have the time to, you can summarily see it in your income tax form reference by your employer. And if you are the type who gets all panicky and do not know how to go about filling in your forms, fret not. There are always nice relatives and friends that will be more than willing to help you or guide you into filling those forms.

Come to think of it, you become closer with people around you during income tax period. You want to know why? As like any other public holiday period, you get to mingle with them, get some knowledge and at the same time, ask them questions about their current situations if they are a distant relative or a friend that you rarely see or talk to on the phone.

As for the neighborhood that I come from, my community will every year, without fail, set up booths to help residents fill up their applications. They will need the necessary documents that you bring, like Identity Card, Income tax reference forms from your employer and other necessary details, and help to fill them in for you. As simple as that. FOC(Free of Charge). There are also some public schools which involve Accountancy and Finance Students who go on rounds helping the district zone neighborhood that they are in charge of, also with the same purpose of helping anyone in lost of filling in their income tax forms.

In short, this is a time that you can see, among other occassions, helpful people teaming up to help those who do not know how to go about doing their customary income taxes. It is certainly not an eye-sore, and you feel pride for these people, that are willing to help for free.

So, the key factors are two things, you get the help that you need and bond with people of all walks of lives and you get to see where you stand in your financial stability.

Happy filing ~ …