Saving Money in 2010s Summer

Summer 2010 is already proving to be a hot one. It’s the beginning of July and the temperates are ranging from the high nineties to the low hundreds. Those in the Southern United States as well as the rest of the world are wondering just how they’re going to save any money this summer. Saving money during the summer of 2010 is possible although at first glance it might seem difficult.

You have to begin by examining how you spend money during the summer months. The utility bills are usually higher to keep the home cool. There are also the expenses associated with food, vacations and other entertainment since the kids are out of school. There are somethings that can be done to save money during 2010’s summer months.

Entertainment Options

There are dozens of options for entertainment during the summer. You can forget the theater and watch movies at home with the kids. It cost less to go to the video store and make your own snacks at home. You can opt for free videos from your local library to take home and watch. The kids can even check out books while you’re there. Checking the local newspaper will help you to find events in your area that are free or close to it. An area food drive means that you can take the entire family to the movies for the cost of a few canned goods. Canned goods are a lot cheaper than a movie ticket.

Vacation at Home

You can take a vacation in your own backyard. Build a tent with some blankets, tarps or an actual tent. A small pool for the kids can give them a place to cool off. You can also create a hotel in your home. While you won’t have someone else to clean up and take care of you the atmosphere can be similar. Set up a buffet in the dining room and let everyone serve themselves.

Getting Out of the House

You can get out of the house without spending a lot of money. You can pack a picnic lunch and take the kids to the park for a day. While you’re out give turn all the fans off and turn the thermostat up higher to save on electricity. You can even spend a few hours in the library on their computers while the kids search for books and movies. You’ll be in air conditioned comfort which will save you money on your electric.

It’s not hard to save money during the summer of 2010. You can find a number of places to go for free entertainment, vacation in your own back yard and take advantage of other people’s air conditioning.