The History of Americas Failed Efforts to Prohibit Marijuana use

I feel that Americans failed efforts to prohibit marijuana use is not good. How so do you say? Well, you become lazy on marijuana and causes you to be paranoid. I also feel that marijuana use causes damage to the mind. Clouds the mind and if you are driving because you are in an altered state of mind, you could get into a car accident. People are getting killed everyday because drug traffickers are fighting police officers and innocent people die over drugs. Gangs sell these drugs and do them, kids get hooked on drugs and it only starts with marijuana use. It spins off into cocaine use and usually people drink and smoke cigarettes with marijuana use. Why do you say? Because marijuana use you build a tolerance to the drug and the drug does not have the effects on you as cocaine usage does. I have been around drugs and tried marijuana, did not like its effects myself and don’t like the idea of getting hooked on this drug. Drug dependency can cause you to lie, cheat and steal and commit other crimes because drugs are so expensive. With any street drugs you never know whether or not it is tainted with other drugs or if there is any chemical that could be harmful to your body. I have friends addicted to drugs and they will do anything to get the drugs. It affects job performance by what the drug does to your mind and keeps you from working. I would like to see my friends in therapy for drug usage and stay off drugs. People die from the affects of drugs and stop the organs from functioning. This particular drug brings down the heart rate to go down and turns your lungs black from smoking the drug.