Summer Savings

Summer is here and the kids are on vacation. You want to have to fun this summer but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Actually you want to know how to save money during the summer. It’s not that hard to do, all you have to do is keep the fact that you can have fun without spending a lot of money while you do it.

Activities for the Kids

Instead of signing the kids up for a dozen activities they will lose interest in focus on one. The kids have interest of their own and if you listen closely you just might be able to find activities that don’t cost anything for them to participate in. Your kids might not be into sports so you should ask them; they just might like reading. The local library just might have a program for summer reading that they would enjoy just as much.

Family outings can be at the local park for free. You don’t have to spend the summer far away from home. Take the kids to the park for the day and pack a picnic lunch. It’s less expensive than going on a long trip but if you do go on a long trip then pack whatever you need so that you aren’t spending money at convenience stores on things that you forgot.

Keep Cool

Stay cool by dressing for the weather and staying hydrated. When you dress for the weather and stay hydrated then you won’t run up the power bill during the summer months. Drinking plenty of water is important but you shouldn’t be spending a small fortune to buy the water. Get it out of your tap, a water filter can be used if the water has a funny taste. You can also boil your water if need be. Keeping a few bottles in the freezer and one or two in the refridgerator will ensure that you always have water on hand when you need it. Taking a small cooler with you when you go out will prevent you from spending money on drinks here and there which can save you a lot.


There might be the temptation to go to the movies during the summer. You can save a lot of money especially if you have a large family by renting a movie and making your own snacks at home. It’s cheaper to rent a movie from a movie rental for a week than to go to one movie in a theater.

There are a dozen ways to save money during the summer without giving up on the fun. When you want to gather with friends and family make it a pot luck instead of footing the entire bill yourself. You’ll have all the fun without all of the expense. Just make sure that you know what you want to do during the summer and find a cheaper alternative.