Should you be Taxed for using the Internet – No

Next, they will tax us for the polluted air we breathe! Enough is enough, we need to send a message to our leaders to evaluate the present taxation/spending and bring out deficit in line.

It is necessary to have taxes. Without taxes, we would have no decent government. With government, well, much laughter and hullabaloo might go in this spot.

The people of the United States of America need to get their collective heads out of the sand. So many were so happy to see our glorious President, Macho wanna-be Georgie, give us a tax break every year. Anyone with sense should have known we would pay dearly for this tax reduction.

Now we are watching as a tax on internet usage is considered. Frankly, without calling, writing and emailing our elected officials, a tax on the internet will pass. Then someone with brains will reinstate the old tax system, if they have brains.

We are pushing 5% inflation and anyone who had a clue would have known that it is Macho Man, “Bring it on”, Bush pushing our collective heads into the sand. Repeatedly he told the people that times were good and nothing was going astray.

That unemployment rolls were down. Sure, when any person’s unemployment runs out, they are removed from those rolls. Nice reduction, no job, no work and no unemployment for the tapped out worker make for a nice looking unemployment roll. Figures do not lie, but liars can figure. Look, no mortgage payment and the masses losing their houses. A situation addressed inappropriately (it will save that three million dollar house though), and too late.

Tax the internet, good idea. Then what shall we do to pay for our home heat, gas and food? Eat cake, get a bike and rub two sticks together.

We are digging more and more deeply into national debt. What kind of leader pretends that we can have a tax cut and spend billions on a war? No big deal, he will be out of office when the poo hits the fan. I hope that the Democrat’s will be in so they have the blame as they try to pick the pieces from the money pit.

What does Bush have to do with the proposed internet taxation? It would not be such an issue had he shown financial responsibility.

Tax the internet because Mr. Rich boy Emperor told us for his term that the dollar was strong. A nice joke, the dollar, from the moment of his first election began to fall on the world market. In addition, that, my friends is the real barometer of your economy.

Taxing the internet will not even help the situation. The monies from such a tax simply earmarked for something else.

No, we do not need an internet tax. What happened to the proposed windfall taxes on the gasoline and energy consortium? The friends of Cheney and Bush who own the ONLY businesses that have shown a profit for the entire time of their office holding. We need some integrity in our government and its taxation/spending accountability.

We do not need an internet tax.