Should you be Taxed for using the Internet – No

Death and taxes are guarantees in life, but taxation of the World Wide Web is almost a guaranteed move that would not be accepted by the people. United States government taxes people for nearly everything yet; it still operates at a deficit that will not be erased in the next twenty years. It still continues to overspend the money obtained from current taxation; therefore, taxing the use of the Internet is not the answer.

By imposing a tax for Internet use, it will create a divide between those who can afford it and those who cannot. Everyone should be able to access the information found on the Internet as well as reap the benefits that the Internet offers such as seek an online education, make online purchases, keep in contact with love ones with technology such as Skype, instant messaging and email. Taxation of the Internet would take that away from some people and no one should be denied the right to use possibly the best innovation in the last 50 years because they cannot afford the taxes that government would levy.

Levying taxes on the Internet will reduce number of consumers; henceforth, it would reduce online spending, and it would hurt online retailers such as is big taxpayer, and when enough big online retailers begin to lose money because their loyal customers are being taxed to use the very highway that brings them to their doorstep, the government would do away with any taxation of Internet usage. 

The American people are taxed enough, and the government financial state is still in shambles. There is taxation for how people connect on the Internet already in place and taxation for actual use of the Internet would be excessive.  It is free to surf the Internet and it should remain free to ensure everyone will be able to use the Internet.

Taxation of Internet usage is wrong on many levels; however, the reasons that should keep taxation of the Internet a hypothetical argument are it would be excessive, may put it out of the price range of those less fortunate, and reduce number of people that shops online.  Many of these reasons should keep the government from actually enacting any legislation that would tax Internet usage. There should not be a toll place on the Information Highway, and everyone should be allowed to surf to their heart’s content. Taxation of the Internet is not desired by the people nor will it be for the people; therefore, the government should continue to let the Internet be free and stop any idea they may have of taxing the Internet.