Should the Internet be Monitored and Taxed by the Government – No

Should the Internet be monitored and taxed by the government? Should we all be monitored out on the streets? Should we have to wake up every morning for government mandated exercise routine? Isn’t big brother just looking out for our personal safety? Welcome to 1984, the gates have finally been opened and we’re all plunging into the maelstrom of federal government’s safety measures. The suggestion of Internet monitoring is as ominous as totalitarianism itself. Our Internet use should not, in any way shape or form, be monitored by the government.

This concept is strictly unconstitutional. We, as American citizens, have a right to privacy while presiding in our residential homes. The government might as well have a mandated government agent living on our property. Such sicking and putrid thought should be enough to nauseate any American citizen. Is freedom really worth loss of individual freedom in the name of public safety? The government does not have the constitutional right to monitor and tax our Internet use, just as they do not have the right to place an agent into our home without permission.

Everything and anything is always in the name of public safety. Hitler concluded that eradicating the Jewish people would be in the interest of economic and public safety. Stalin believed that eradicating and punishing religious beliefs would be necessary to protect public safety. First, they monitor child molesters, and then seizure victims whose condition was caused by an Internet image. Soon, 90 percent of the American public fits into one of such categories. Soon, reading an article speaking negatively of Internet monitoring is reason for rehabilitation. Protection from terrorists is one thing, but invading privacy and ignoring our human rights is a completely different topic.

Programs such as these, cost money. Can our federal government, already plunged into debt, afford to even put into effect these safety measures? The American tax payer would begin to pay even more in taxes, including property taxes, income taxes, cigarette taxes, luxury taxes, and a myriad of others. Of course, such ideas are regardless to Big Brother’s idea of safety, and everything is expendable. I would rather bury my family then see this atrocity ever become a government safety measure.

The government does not have the right to monitor and tax our Internet use. If we sit in fear over terrorists, to an extent we willingly sacrifice our personal rights, they have truly one. Our American bourgeoisie leaders may convince us that this is all in public safety. But this is not an issue that is really about safety, it is about power. When progressive parties insist on a stronger federal government to increase moral fiber, we lose every right we have. Any who agree to government monitoring of Internet use is a fool and lives in irrational fear of terrorists. To quote Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”