Reasons to Skip Black Friday Sales

The holiday shopping season officially kicks off with Black Friday every year. Why all the fuss? What makes Black Friday so special for holiday shopping? There are many reasons to shop during this event: sales galore, family shopping trip and if all else fails it is just a great reason to go shopping. There are some valid reasons to avoid these sales. In this article, some of the reasons to skip the Black Friday sales are going to be discussed.

*Stress. Black Friday sales are a huge event no matter if you live in a large city or a small town. With these huge sales comes huge crowds, no parking, screaming kids(and sometimes adults), and long checkout lines. This has stress written all over it. Also to look forward to is pushing and shoving to get to merchandise, frazzled sales associates and all the noise. Who can forget the item wars? It never fails, you find that perfect gift and have to fight off five other people who want that exact item you picked up.

*Over spending. Well, with such great deals, why not shop till your wallet literally is smoking from the hole burned in it? People o not seem to realize they spend even more money during Black Friday sales, than they would any other time. So much for the great sales.

*Road rage. Traffic jams, people cutting each other off and rude gestures. All this in the rush to get to malls, department stores and discount centers. There are even accidents in parking lots when people fight for parking spots.

*Disappointment. You make it through the traffic jam, safely secure your parking space and wade through the sea of people to your favorite store, just to find out your list items are sold out. So, okay, you go to another store and wade through the crowd there and voila! No luck there either. You end up either going home with less than half of your list done or settling for stuff you did not really want.

Black Friday sales, THE sales event of the season. Really? Why?

These are just some examples of why to skip Black Friday sales. Some people choose to avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday crowds altogether and opt to shop via the Internet. No waiting in line and no circling the parking lot in search of a parking space. Maybe the Internet shoppers are the wise shoppers.