After 41 years of observing Charles Manson up close and personal in a prison cell, it should be clear to those who have the authority to make the decisions that he should never be released from prison. Manson has not shown any remorse or even taken indirect responsibility for the murders that his so-called family committed back in 1969 based on what police believe to be his direct orders. It has long been believed that Manson’s unnatural ability to influence others to do his bidding was behind Sharon Tate’s murder and those who were on the property when the Manson Family decided to pay a visit that fateful day.

A true child of the system, Manson has spent the majority of his life in various reformatory schools, jails and prisons. He has been locked away for longer than he has ever lived as a free man. With an absent father and neglectful mother Manson had little chance to become a productive member of society. His criminal activity began at a very young age and gradually encompassed more serious crimes as he grew older.

Even in the more recent interviews conducted decades after his arrest, Manson continues to deny his involvement in the murders of a very pregnant Sharon Tate and the others who were killed in cold blood. The facade of low intelligence that he attempts to convince others is real, is often met by skeptics who claim that Manson actually has an abnormally high IQ and a never before seen ability to influence others to do his bidding. The criminally insane often have fairly high intelligence but are lacking in most human characteristics such as empathy, kindness and a sense of right or wrong.

Manson brainwashed his followers into believing that he was Jesus Christ incarnate. Back from the dead and doing as His father told him in preparation for the Rapture. To this day he claims to be Jesus and accepts no responsibility for the crimes that he has committed or influenced others to commit.

41 years after Manson’s bizarre “Helter Skelter” there are more followers than there were back then. People contact Manson in prison and pledge their support to him and his ideas. They offer him money, gifts, places to hide out and even their hand in marriage.

Charles Manson is one of the most dangerous individuals that has ever entered the American courtroom. The affects that he has on society today are just as far reaching as they were during his prime. To allow this monster to be released back into society would be an almost positive guarantee of more murders.