How to Squeeze more out of your Tax Return

When it comes to doing their taxes, people will try just about anything imaginable in order to squeeze a little more money out of their tax return. Among the many well known deductions that people rely on such as the cost of their children, or independents, and medical expenses there are also a wide variety of deductions that fall under the category of corporate or business expenses. Business expenses include many things that most people would never think of, but don’t worry, someone else probably has.

The bottom line when it comes to tax deductions depends upon what the IRS says regarding a certain expense and it’s importance to a business. Some obvious exceptions would include anything that was done illegally such as paying for something that is illegal in the particular state of residence. Some of the weirdest deductions that people have tried to claim, and which fall within this category include the cost of prostitutes, and the sale of illegal drugs as well as the recreational use of them. Not to worry however, there are many other obscure deductions that fall perfectly within the confines of the law.

Some of the more well known, although strange tax deductions include the business expense of giving away free beer to customers, as well as a stripper buying herself breast implants in order to increase her tips. As stated before however, these things cannot be deducted if they violate certain laws, which makes free whiskey given across state lines an invalid tax deduction, as well as breast implants for recreational use. Body oil however, is tax deductible for a bodybuilder who may require gallons of it throughout the year in order to compete in shows.

Other business related tax deductions include the cost of pets and pet food. This becomes a viable deduction if one is forced to move and has to transport their pet across the country. Or as in the case of “Seawright v. Commissioner”, pets are a resource used for the good of the company. Seawright v. Commissioner involved the owners of a junk yard who put cat food out at night in order to lure cats into the yard for the purpose of disposing of pests such as rats and snakes. Oh yes they won, and received the money they paid out in pet food on their tax return. There has even been a case involving a business man who used carrier pigeons in order to communicate with his business partner. Since the success of his company relied upon their communications with one another, it was considered a viable deduction.

Other deductions that can be found around the home include the cost of landscaping if you work at home and often meet clients there. Under the category of medical expenses, one may also deduct the cost of a swimming pool if there is a legitimate improvement in the person’s health as relating to the pool. These of course are just a few of the more obscure deductions that people have claimed over the years. With a little digging it is likely that a deduction can be found for just about any contingency.