How to Save Money at Cvs

CVS has a great way for its customers to save and to earn money.  CVS has a rewards program for its members.  The first thing a member must do is sign up of the program.  This can be done on-line or in the store.  Once the customer is register, they will receive a CVS care card and the savings can begin.  However, the CVS customer must make sure that they have their membership card scanned each time they make a purchase in order to receive the savings.

*Extra Care Bucks

 One of the first ways that you can save money at CVS is with its Extra Care Bucks.  Extra Care Bucks are momentary amounts that print out on the bottom of a customer’s receipt. These ECBs   can be spent just like cash in the store on the customer’s next purchase.  How does a customer earn ECBs? Simple. When a customer buys a specific item or a specific number of an item, they will receive Extra Care Bucks.  For each two prescriptions that a customer has filled, they will also receive one Extra Care Buck.

Also, a customer can earn Extra Care Bucks by using a “green bag tag”.  These are small, green leaf-looking tags that cost about a dollar.  Each time a customer makes a purchase they have their “green bag tag” scanned and instead of using a plastic bag, they use an environmentally friendly bag. For each four times the “green bag tag” is scanned, the customer will receive an ECB worth one dollar.

CVS gives its customers a chance to earn savings quarterly. Every three months, the customer earns money back according to the amount of spending they have done that particular quarter.  This amount is about 2% of the customer’s spending. This amount prints out on the bottom of the customer’s sale’s receipt.

*Price Check Machine

CVS has a price checker machine that also prints out coupons each time the customer scans their Extra Care card.  The machine restocks these coupons daily, and offers its customer’s certain store coupons based on their purchase history.

*Coupons and Store sales

Manufacturer’s coupons can be used at CVS along with store sales.  CVS offers great sales on specific items once a week.  A customer can combine these sales with coupons and double their savings.


CVS also offers their customers a way to win instantly.  Each receipt contains a customer satisfactory survey at the bottom.  Customers can call in and rate their store experience for a chance to be an instant winner of hundreds of cash prizes. Those that aren’t instant winners gain a chance to be entered in their drawing for $1,000.00 dollars. 

A smart shopper can save hundreds of dollars with CVS.  By signing up for their Extra Care program customers can earn Extra Care Bucks and get 2% back at the end of each quarter.