How to Save Money at the Mall

You know who you are.  A “mall-a-holic.”  Those who love to shop shop shop will spend hours down the hallowed halls of the shopping Meccas, searching out bargains.  Unfortunately, many have needed to cut back in these troubled times.  There are many different ways that you can save at the malls, however, including the following.

Look for sales

Many stores in the malls have sales.  Most if not all perpetually have something on sale, and this can save you greatly.  Some stores may have commonplace 50% sales.  Find out the patterns of the stores that you like to shop at and try to wait for those.  Certain holidays will be very common for sales, and you will also find a great amount of sales just before the winter holidays.  Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, also has an amazing amount of deals as well.

Shop clearance

The only thing better than sales is clearance.  When stores are looking to rid themselves of merchandise, you might find deals for 70%, 80% or more off.  Different stores have different clearance items, and there are certain times of the year that you will find more of this.  For instance, you will often find a lot of clearance after the winter holidays, when stores are trying to rid themselves of the seasonal merchandise.

Look for coupons

A lot of the individual stores offer coupons, including Sears, Macy’s, and many of the smaller and department stores. These can be substantial.  Also, some malls will come out with specials or coupons that work for the different stores.  For instance, the Pembroke Lakes Mall in Pembroke Pines, Florida, sends out e-mails with coupons to its stores.  Sawgrass Mills Mall in South Florida will give out coupon books to certain people, which also give savings.

Look for mall offers

Sometimes a mall will have a special offer.  For instance, during Black Friday, Pembroke Lakes Mall gave out gift cards when you spent a certain amount of money.  Other malls might have similar programs at different times of the year. A lot of times, a mall will have an e-mail list or website where you can get on to find out information on deals.  A lot of the individual stores will also have websites and e-mail lists that you can sign up to receive different offers and coupons.  For instance, Macy’s and J.C. Penney both send out coupons in this way.

Malls can be a lot of fun for anyone.  To save money, utilize the above tips.