How to Save Money

In these trying times, we all need to make adjustments to our lifestyle.

As a Golf Teaching Professional, the financial crisis has hit me pretty hard. Golfers will still spend money on actual golfing, but things like new equipment, range balls, and lessons are luxuries that many simply can’t afford right now. I am fortunate enough to get quite a few hours in the Pro Shop of the course I work at, but after becoming used to a certain amount coming in for lessons every month, I’ve been forced to scale back and live a more frugal lifestyle. Here are some cost saving tips that have helped me stay above water:

Shop at discount grocery stores.

You may have to bag your own groceries and put up with larger crowds, but the savings to be had are tremendous over the gourmet supermarkets. The produce is often comparable in quality, too.

Eat at home more.

Eating out drains the checking account quickly. A couple of drinks on top of dinner can set you back the equivalent of a couple of weeks of groceries. If and when you do go out to eat, utilize 2 for 1 coupons which are easy to find on the Internet or in your local newspaper.

Cut out the $4 lattes.

Seriously. Pour a little milk in some quality coffee brewed at home and call it good. We’re talking a price difference of pennies compared to dollars. Do the math.

Cancel your cable subscription.

The price of cable television is ridiculous and people treat it like a necessary utility. Fight the power and get DVD’s through Netflix or free at the library. A broad spectrum of programming is now available on line as well through web sites like

For entertainment, read more and play board games with your family.

These are not only free or inexpensive forms of entertainment, but they are good for the mind and spirit.

Hit the discount clothing stores like Ross or Marshall’s.

Same clothes, less fancy bag.

Walk, jog, or bike whenever possible.

This will not only save gas money, but will provide great exercise and help prevent potential medical problems.

Cut back on frivolous expenses like alcohol or trinkets.

These are things you want, and not things you need. Think about the big picture and how quickly savings can accumulate if you cut or reduce spending on these items.

Keep saving.

Whether it’s one hundred dollars or ten dollars a month, make sure something gets tucked away so that money is coming in, and not going out of that savings account.

Have and pursue goals.

Don’t be content at your current state of affairs. Always strive to achieve your dreams and everything else will fall into place. Moping around apathetically never made anyone much money.

Practice these cost cutting techniques and stay ahead of the money game.