How to get a Rebate

Everyone from computer makers to apparel sellers use rebate offers to convince you to buy.  Rebate money belongs to you but all too often people neglect to cash in.  The paperwork and red tape can be quite a displeasure.  Almost 40 percent of consumers just do not bother to file for the money.  About 20 percent of people file but do not get the money because they filed the paperwork incorrectly.  At times, the paperwork can be quite confusing.

If you decide to file for your rebate, here is how to get the money that is rightfully yours.  Read the fine print.  Be sure you have your receipt, completed rebate form, UPC code and anything else the rebate offer requires.  Make copies, and send the originals by Registered Mail well before the deadline. Also request a return receipt, that way you will have proof that you filed on time.

Good advice is getting an extra store receipt.  Keep the extra original receipt in you records; it will come in handy if you need to track down or resubmit a claim.  So ask for a duplicate receipt when you buy.

Write clearly.  An illegible rebate form is a frequent explanation for a rejected rebate.  Try printing in all capital letters; it can be read more easily than regular handwriting. 

Expert advice may well be if you are considering a purchase from an online store that is offering a rebate, make sure the site is prepared to handle any follow up problems you may have.  Check the store’s contact page to see if a phone number, email address and street, city, state address is provided.  If not, shop elsewhere.

Complain if you do not receive your check by the date specified in the offer, take action and contact the company (most rebate form list a phone number or Web site).  If for some reason calling does not get a good response, contact your proper authorities and send a copy in question.  It may speed up your payment.

Be cautious of any rebate offers you may receive through an unsolicited e-mail.  It can be an attempt to gain personal information.

Rebates have become very popular in promoting retail sales within the United States. Retailers and manufacturers offer rebates to promote sales, and give customers a temporary discount on an item while allowing the product to maintain its current price.