Has Suing become the American way of Dealing with Police

Is suing the American way? Every day you read or hear on the local news About police brutality, some one getting killed while in a night club, or even involved in an car incident. Yes! We most likely will only hear one side of the story. Never cover the whole story, when the Truth comes out there is nothing left,We as Americans has turn the court in to a charade. After the juror wipe the tears from their eyes they have just gave away millions of dollars to some one just playing the court looking to make the attorney license more valuable to others looking to cash in using the American way system. We all have some one in our family that has come in contact with some type of authority figure weather for a traffic violation or some minor altercation, that may lead to an arrest. Does that mean you should sue them for doing there job. No different than being in the service, if come in contact with an enemy, do they stop to think about will they be sued. No matter what they choose, the out come is still the same. If you do get the amount of money hoping for from an insurance company, after someone passes in an club. It seems to be the thing, a fender bender, no one hurt the cars isn’t even bruise ,but you still wont to sue. Take for instinct the police accuse of ruffing up an 80 year old man. If for one moment some one took the time to measure up the allege abuse and the bruises that the officers accuse of beating this man. He would be in critical condition, then suffering from a bruise these officers are large and beside the 80 year old man was recently release from the hospital, recovering from a heart attack. If that is true. Why was he allow back behind a wheel of a car, at anytime he could have another heart attack. And cause a more serious accident. His children appears the nerves of most. Have not help their mother take care of their father now, he is involved in an public issue they appear. Now he is suing the hospital police for racial profiling and police brutality.The American way The officers are on leave they have a family to they have never been accuse of harming any one, some new to the job straight from the academy. The 80 year old man ran over an officer foot, they ask him to step out and away from the car, he became aggressive and place in hand cuffs. You be the judge should an 80 year old man be put up to suing when he was in the wrong in the first place. Should these officers loose their jobs because of some one else misfortune. Yes, suing is the American way. Thank you for reading this article.