Good Post Retirement Jobs for Seniors

Retirement may have sounded wonderful while still working, and the first few weeks of retirement might have offered a welcome change from commuting and the 9:00 to 5:00 rate race, but sooner or later there might come a time when seniors miss their job. A lot of seniors need to be feel useful or need to supplement their retirement income. For those looking for some good post retirement jobs, seniors can find inspiration in their past experiences, interest or hobbies.

– In a time when many people are unemployed and lack the expertise of putting together a comprehensive resume or a captivating cover letter, a senior with a background in human resources could advertise his services to the unemployed or those wishing to better their employment. They spent years looking at resumes and cover letters, know exactly what a future employer is looking for and could help putting someone’s education and experience on paper.

– If a senior is particularly good at any given language, a good post retirement job could be that of a freelance writer, translator or editor. Numerous authors with the intention to self-publish a book do not have the financial resources to hire a professional editor. A senior however, could work at a reduced fee, creating an income for himself while still being affordable to the average writer.

– A senior with a background in illustrating or graphic design could supplement his income using his designing talents. Chances are he has connections from when still working and could make contact with past business acquaintance.  Equally popular is web design.

– Some seniors are particularly handy with knitting needles, a crochet hook or an embroidery needle. They could turn making sweaters, scarves, baby clothes or tablecloths into a post retirement job and sell their art work on  All it takes is a supply of handmade merchandise and a Paypal account to get started.

– Senior who plays a musical instrument could turn their passion for music into a profitable post retirement job. All it takes is an ad in a school or musical instrument shop, combined with good word of mouth. Students often prefer elderly people versus their school teachers because they have more patience.

– Those gifted in the kitchen could bake as a post retirement job. Store bought cookies and cakes are just not the same as home made goods, and when nicely presented could serve as gifts for Christmas, Easter, birthdays and other special occasions.

Obviously, these are just a small selection of good post retirement jobs for seniors. Once they start thinking and drawing inspiration from past experience and interests, a lot more opportunities will pop up. While peace and quiet is nice, a senior’s mind and hands need to be kept busy. While playing cards or darts might be nice for an afternoon, investing in a post retirement job will be ever so much more rewarding.