The best Websites for Printable Coupons

Searching for the best printable coupons online can be a bit intimidating. There are several sites promising that they have the best savings, yet then one finds out it’s just another advertisement. There are legitimate places to visit that will provide discounts that are well worth the effort. With these three websites there will be no trouble finding savings that fit your household’s needs:

The first and most easily accessible website for coupons is There are usually over 200 coupons at any given time. Better yet, you can type in your zip code to find products specific to your area. also organizes their coupons by categories like foods, personal care, and pet care to help you find what exactly what you’re seeking. New coupons are added monthly, and old coupons may disappear, so make sure if there is a coupon you want that it is printed promptly.

Another great site for printable coupons is Smartsource. They offer some of the same coupons that are in most Sunday newspapers plus more. Smartsource also has a place where you can insert your zip code, and coupons can be searched for by category and brand.  Food, medicine, and beauty products all have opportunities for savings.

The third best site for printing coupons is Coupon Network. In some cases the amount of the coupon savings can be increased by “liking” their page on Facebook or watching a quick video. Coupon Network also have several categories and coupons can be sorted by highest value or which ones have been most recently added.

Each of these websites offer you to sign up with your email so that new coupon additions will send notifications straight to your inbox. Each individual coupon can be printed twice per computer, and of course reproducing several copies is considered fraud. These printing limits are usually per month, or when the manufacturer decides to release more.

Don’t forget to install the printer software application before pressing the print button. It’s a quick and easy process, and have no worries as these are trusted websites. After that, make sure your printer is on and stocked with paper and you are ready to start saving. Before each shopping trip to the grocery store, consider visiting these sites. Remember to check back often because you never know what new discounts will pop up. With the little bit of time spent picking and clipping some savings, a great deal of money can be saved over time.