Famous Investors Astrological Signs

Investor moon signs are relevant because appraisals and valuations of stock, companies, land etc. have an element of intuition associated with them. This is because investors cannot account for all market conditions and financial events. Since moon signs are believed to reflect the underlying instinctual character of investors this may influence not only how they invest, but why they invest.

The moon signs of famous investors are identified below. These are famous investors recognized by financial professionals and websites such as Investopedia as astute and consistent in their ability to outperform the market. Both Sagittarius and Aries are the moon signs of several famous investors indicating a possible affiliation between strong investing success and these two moon signs in particular.

• Warren Buffett – August 30, 1930 Omaha, Nebraska, Sagittarius 
• Carl Icahn February- 16, 1936, New York City, Sagittarius
• William H. Gross- April 13, 1944, Middletown, Ohio, Sagittarius

The Sagittarius moon sign is free-spirited, a risk taker, generous and ironically not overly concerned with materialism according to Always Astrology. What is interesting about Warren Buffet is that he has the most common Sun sign for successful investors as well, specifically Virgo. However, wile Sagittarius moon is more impulsive, the Virgo sun sign is more organized and detail orientated. It is almost as if the Sagittarius moon is kept in check by the Virgo sun.

• Michael Steinhardt- December 7, 1940, Mount Kisco, New York, Aries
• William J. Oneil- March 25, 1933, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Aries
• James Slater-March 13, 1929, U.K., Aries

As with the Sagittarius moon, Aries moon is also spontaneous, impulsive and optimistic. This seems to indicate that above average investors have an instinctive nature that takes risk in the sense that they may actually leap before they look in some cases. Both signs also seem concerned with attaining power and utilizing forms of sociable communication that shine a positive light on their character.

According to Cafe Astrology, both Sagittarius and Aries moons signs appreciate independence, individual decision making and are socially competitive. Additionally, the two signs are ‘trine’ meaning astrologically compatible. This further indicates their strong similarity and a possible basis for underlying moons signs as a condition for investment success.   

• Peter Lynch- January 19, 1944 Newton, Massachusetts, Scorpio
• John Templeton November 29, 1912 Winchester, Tennessee, Leo
• Benjamin Graham -May 8 1894, London, U.K., Cancer
• George Soros- August 12, 1930 Budapest, Hungary 1930, Pisces

Not all highly successful investors have Sagittarius or Aries moon signs. The above famous investors all have different moon signs. This indicates that although Sagittarius and Aries moon signs may be ideal for superior investing, they are not an absolute requirement. Moreover, the diversity in moon signs opens the door to other variables or positive influences on the large accumulation of wealth these individuals have been able to attain.