Credit Checks for Employment Bad Credit Problems why Creditchecks Needed Gain

While applying for employment over the last two years I have discovered, much to my dismay that along with a background check a credit history check is also run. When the background check comes up clean, the prospective employer then looks at the credit history and promptly states that they can’t hire me until my credit is repaired. Thus it has become ‘fix the credit and get a job, but without the job the credit cannot be fixed.’ Nice little catch 22 they put me into.

Most will not even give the opportunity for me to explain how my credit got into the condition it is now. It doesn’t matter to them that the court ordered me to stay home and care for my disabled son, without ordering any means to pay the bills while obeying the order from the judge.

After my son went into a group home two years ago I began signing up with web-based job search sites and local temporary agencies. Two temporary jobs, each lasting four months or less, and two years later I am still dependent on my 76 year-old parents to pay the bills. No one is willing to give me a chance to show them what an asset I can be to their company without first fixing my credit situation.

I’ve even tried explaining to the ones I did get a chance to speak with, that even people with pristine credit will steal from others. [Look at all the major corporate scandals that cropped up over the last ten years!]

Even searching the Internet for sites that could direct me to the grant programs so widely touted, that will pay your bills and help with your finances, has turned up almost nothing helpful. Most of those sites are there just to make money sending you a CD with supposed resources and help, then charging you a large ‘access fee’ if you go over the initial 7 to 14 day ‘free access period’ that you learn about only in the fine print.

Frustration abounds when even applying at fast food places turns up nothing because either your credit is trashed or you aren’t bi-lingual.

I too would like to find answers to these questions and get on with supporting myself, fixing my credit, and paying back my parents the astronomical amoount I owe them. If anyone has any answers on how to fix bad credit without a job I’d like to hear from you. Even my siblings are telling me what a burden I am on my parents, as if I wasn’t already aware of that problem. There is nothing like drowning in problems and lack of employment and then being tromped on by people who know nothing. Neither how the problem got there in the first place, or how to fix the problem now. Just like the ‘social’ agencies, which are about as social and sociable as rabid wolverines, people say ‘go get a job, any job!’

Where is the Any Company that will hire me and give me a chance to get out of this hole I’m in? Where is the Any Job Agency that will find me work? And please don’t direct me to AntiSocial DisServices! They would rather help illegal aliens than the taxpayers paying for all the goodies they are giving away. They threatened me with calling the police to remove me for ‘causing trouble’ when I asked them when they would start calling the numbers of those of us waiting, after three hours of no numbers being called. Must be nice for them to forget who pays their wages.