Retirement Moving to Las Vegas

Most US retirement plans involve spending declining years in Florida, Arizona or Southern California. That’s OK if you can afford the super-inflated home prices and hordes of elderly in those traditional areas. Have you ever thought of Las Vegas? Yes, I mean Sin City NV. If it is a home purchase you’d seek there, you can take advantage of the recent significant drop in prices because of the mass overbuilding. New homes that cost $500,000 in Southern California are about half that price in Las Vegas. There is currently a glut of luxury condos there that are relatively reasonably priced. Apartment rentals are about a half of what you’d pay in the Miami area, and a third of Los Angeles prices.

There are many other advantages for seniors in Las Vegas. Medical facilities are among the best in the US. Some of the world’s best restaurants and live theater offerings are there, concentrated in the Strip area. Buffets, the city’s traditional tourist attraction, offer inexpensive dining. There are many free attractions throughout the Strip and downtown area. And, of course, there’s the gambling. You can invest as little as a nickel to play the slots, or lose your children’s inheritance on the bigger games in a carnival atmosphere that flashes 24 hours a day. If you prefer quiet and nature, there are many nearby mountain areas for hiking, fishing or just to get away from everything.

Airline flights to and from all parts of the world stop in Las Vegas, and you can be sure your children and other relatives will find many excuses to visit you there.

Am I getting paid for this paean to Las Vegas? No, but contributions to my next visit would be totally unexpected.