Castle Doctrine Giving Law Abiding Citizens right to Shoot Criminals

Stop Snitchin’

Anyone who did not have a chance to see Cam’ron on 60 minutes talking about snitching and the culture of not cooperating with police I encourage you to do so.(link above) I understand that there is a code of silence on the block and cops are looked at as the enemy, but we are not talking about calling the fuzz because you smell a funny odor coming from your neighbors house, or their music is loud at 10 at night. We are talking about murder, in your own back yard. Cam’ron says in the interview that if a serial killer lived in his “hood” he wouldn’t do anything, just move.
What do you mean move? I thought you were gansta tough and weathered under gunfire. Loyal to your people, the MAN, running S*T in your hood. You up and cold leave all your peeps like a thief in the night with a serial killer in their backyard? I understand you aren’t gonna call the police because a serial killer on your block is not your business, but no courtesy call? No…….”Hey man, I broke out and I suggest you do the same” ..? That does not sound like the thoughts and actions of a man running anything.
Killah Cam…this is a message for you. Anyone supporting the stop snitching policy for cold blooded murderers on their own block: You have relinquished your right to complain about the justice system period. No more, the police took forever, why couldn’t they stop this crime, how can they allow this shooting to go on. The system only works when all the pieces are in place and functioning and one of those is a neighborhood watching out for itself.

See it used to be that people understood that if they looked out for each other everyone gets by a little better. You keep an eye out for your neighbor and he does the same for you. Now we let our neighbor get shot in the street and then say it’s sad that the police couldn’t stop this senseless killing.
Well I am happy to say I think I have a solution. I think that the urban boroughs with the highest unsolved murder rates should get together at a town meeting and find the 5 most influential people in that area and start to form a militia to police themselves. Clearly cops are not to be talked to and trusted and people can not be left entirely unprotected so I say, be protected by those you can truly count on, yourselves. The beautiful thing about it is now, when there is a murder, you won’t have to rely on snitches to tell you who committed the crime….you will already know! See my system is much more efficient already.
Urban areas that want to glorify these gansta, mafia, thug codes and tactics obviously are into handling it on there own, so why not let everyone there duke it out like it’s the wild wild west. Where nobody sees a cop and everybody pops a cap.
If you just change one state we are not using like one of the Dakotas or a part of Northern Maine and institute these relaxed rules, these thug elements will flock to you like gamblers to Vegas, or nudists to a colony. You don’t usually see nudists just randomly scattered throughout your block they travel to be with like minded people.
Cam’ron has given us the secret to removing them from the block in the first place. We just have to get a few dozen serial killers on to inner city streets and they should have all the hardest rappers like 50 cent and Killah’ Cam running for the hills.
The only other solution I can think of if we are really dead set against holding up the rule of law is this. We can get a SUPERHERO! That’s someone everyone can embrace. Cape, Symbol, Powers, Fights Evil, Protects The Innocent. People trust a superhero.
Anybody see what I am getting at? Since scenario #2 is kind of unlikely to happen and scenario #1 might actually be more absurd than scenario #2 we have a problem. Rule of law does not apply when people choose to ignore atrocities in their own neighborhood because they do not like the enforcers of those laws.
In the end this all comes down to selfishness. We obviously do not care for our neighbor or our neighborhood anymore.
There is a quote on the 60 minutes intro where some un-named thug is saying, “Snitch on me, and watch how you end up”. Way to think big picture. Keep this same culture and mentality and watch how we all end up.