Why do you need a will

Making a will is only really important to others and not oneself when one passes
away. After all it’s a matter of conjecture whether or not in death we know what happens to our assets.

Making a will is still not the normal thing for people to do.There is a much higher percentage of people who don’t, believing like many that there estate will go to there spouse. This may not be the case.

If your estate is only a small amount then yes! it would go to your spouse. However if your estate exceeds 255,000 any brothers,sisters or children may also be able to make a claim.

A will gives you the chance to have your say on who you wish to leave your estate
to.If on the other hand you leave no will you will be declared “intestate”

Would you like to leave all your assets to the state! Unfortunately this is the law and is definitely another reason for you to make out a will.

Would you wish your relatives to benefit from your property. This too is possible and would probably be against most peoples wishes had they had there say in the matter

It’s not a very pleasant exercise to make a will out but one has to look ahead,however unpleasant it is, and look on the brighter prospects of knowing just who your estate is being left to and ease the burden of further heartache from family and relatives. Ultimately it’s more a question of why you should make a will out rather than why you should not.If you have a partner and are not married it becomes doubly important for you to see that your estate is placed in there hands.

Wills nowadays are pretty easy to make, especially on the internet which are widely available for anyone wishing to download the software to make one.

Now one has to be very careful here in this respect when using software to make out wills.The so called “will Kits” should be treated with caution. First and foremost the document needs to be a valid one and properly executed and witnessed for it to be recognized,

I would highly recommend you engage a proper solicitor to receive the necessary genuine documentation to make out your will.Do it today!