Why Break the Bank Buying Brand new

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when you’re considering a new major purchase is to buy new or used? Whether it is recreational toys and accessories, practical appliances or automobiles, there is a considerable drop in value from the minute they are purchased.

A few recreational toys and accessories that come to mind:  campers, boats, snow mobiles, kayaks, ski equipment, or bicycles. These items can be costly to buy new and there’s almost always a previous owner who has over-extended their finances to have those items new. Since many of these activities are so time consuming, in some cases, whole weekends or vacation time are needed to maximize and enjoy these hobbies, people find out they just cannot commit to using the equipment as they had intended. As these items go unused, or barely used, due to the time requirements that may be necessary to fully embrace these activities, the monthly payments continue to roll in, and owners decide they need to cut losses and sell, sell, sell. This is an opportunity to get in on that action for a fraction of the cost. Seize it!

On the more practical side, other items that also are great finds and possibly barely used, are washer and dryer pairs. Many people will leave these behind as they vacate living quarters as they may opt to use the ones left behind from the previous renters in their new digs or they will buy new, simply for the convenience of not lugging them up/down stairs and in/out of U-Haul trucks themselves.  Since this a common reason to abandon perfectly good appliances, their inconvenience is your gain. Snap it up!

Another great opportunity to save money on a hefty purchase is to buy a previously owned vehicle. Vehicles are turned in with low mileage on expiring leases all the time.  Leases often have a 2 year installment term with a sizable balloon payment due at the end. The lessee may decide not to buy the car outright at the end of the term because he or she falls out of love with the car by then, or they simply cannot swallow the large payment at the time the term is up, or possibly they are just of the mindset that they want a new car every two years and they never intended to make the balloon payment. Whatever the reason, this is opportunity to get a relatively new vehicle with typically low miles at a very affordable price. Act now!

Great deals can be found for any and all of these items on Craigslist and eBay. These websites are fantastic for covering the most ground in short time.  Specifically for used vehicles, check out a handful of websites specializing in car sales Vehix, Autotrader, and CarMax just to name a few.