Why being Organized can Save you Money

Being organized can save you money in more than one way. How many times did you go back to the grocery store after returning home just because you had forgotten to buy some important stuff? Have you ever thought about the gasoline burnt and the extra money wasted on it? How about if you had a prior list of things you needed and not forget things? This is where being organized helps. 

Financial planning not only includes investing the money but also saving it. You can start financial planning at any stage of life. To begin with, you can cut on your grocery expenses by practicing these ideas. Prepare your home menu and paste it on the refrigerator.  Buy stuff needed only for that and avoid an unnecessary purchase, which needs lot of organizing. If possible, plant your own garden in house and use fresh fruits and vegetables by which you can save lot of money. Note the items which you purchase frequently and use up in time. Buy those items in bulk on discount. Save those items carefully and don’t let them putrefy. Some items which you can buy in bulk are toilet paper, grains, beans and canned items.

Don’t buy material which you will not use regularly or items which spoil on storage. You can save more money in this manner. Don’t throw away leftover food; keep it in freezer and be creative with it the next day. Eliminate disposable products and utilize reusable items instead; this is more hygienic and cost effective. Maintaining cleanliness also helps with organization.

Before investing in an insurance policy, make sure to check the alternatives and sign up for the lowest premium and biggest benefits policy. Call your cable operator and ask for discount or the cheapest pay plan available. Cut on alcohol consumption and smoking. It can save you a real lot of money and also improves your health. Organize yourself to get up early and prepare your own coffee at home. Take your lunch with you to the office. Homemade foods are much cheaper than over the counter items. Instead of working out in a gym, you can workout at home saving membership money.

Being organized can help you save lot of money. Pay your credit card bills before its last date and avoid paying late fees. Organize your home and let go of things you don’t need or function. So that you know what things you need and stop yourself from buying unnecessary stuff and save money. Before buying new items for your home, think of old ones that can do the same work and try to make use of them.

Keep track of your money and mark the areas where you can cut back on your expenses. Always keep coupons safe and use them in efficient manner. Avoid impulse shopping. Don’t buy things which you don’t need just because they are cheap or are attractive. Always maintain a shopping list and stick to it. Check the prices of different brands of same product and buy the cheaper ones instead.

To save money. you can always use smart phone apps like RetailMeNot which gives details about the best available coupons and alerts on deals in shopping malls. It also evaluates available online coupons. You can save on gasoline by using a free app called gas buddy which allows you to find least expensive gas in your area. If you can save even 10 cents per gallon, then it is worth the effort. Always compare prices and check if your desired product is available cheaper online or at any other place. An app called ShopSavvy can help you compare online prices and also local costs  by allowing you to scan the item’s barcode. To illustrate, shoes that are priced at $80 in a mall can be priced at $60 on amazon. This app will help you accumulate a lot of money.

Value each penny and do not underestimate small spending, as it can sum up to a large hole in your pocket. As Suze Orman said: “keep what you have and create what you deserve “. So, save money by being organized and spend it in things you enjoy or save it for a rainy day in the future.