What to do if your Credit Card is Lost or Stolen

Having your credit card, stolen can be one of the most annoying experiences of your life. It creates a lot of additional stress and work that you don’t need in your life anyway. Phoning up banks, canceling your cards and making your way to the nearest police station to give a statement of the crime, can be such a waste of time. Half the time the police don’t even do anything. Besides, there will always be the fear that the pick-pocket has already gone on the Internet and is using your card to buy stuff.

Many countries today have a chip and pin code, that you enter once you purchase an article with your credit card. If stolen then, the criminal can do nothing provided he knows your secret number.

A friend of mine, once went shopping in London with her sister, and she was sandwiched between two girls. Within a split second, before she could do anything they were gone. Not being too suspicious, my friend carried on with her shopping, but twenty minutes later while about to purchase an article with her credit card, she could not find her wallet and alerted security. By this time it was too late and the suspects had already fled, leaving my friend with no identification or money. She did not have the telephone numbers of the bank with her at the time, so she made her way down to the local police station. This frustrated her more, as the police were very slow and did not have the numbers of the banks either. Eventually, they did find it , and she made her phone call and canceled the credit card. This taught her a lesson and when she now goes to big city centers, she puts her bank cards in her front pocket, not in her handbag.

Today, with the new computer age, computer hackers, very easily can steal information. This includes credit card details, via picking up satellite signals, so we have to secure our details on line and keep a check that no one has stolen our identification. Also, be guarded on line with giving out too much of your credit card details. If you suspect your details have been stolen cancel the card immediately and opt for security from your bank whilst using the card on the Internet, to combat credit card fraud.

Look out for people who duplicate cards once they have your details, so all card information details need to be shredded, immediately after a printout is given anywhere. Also when keying in your chip and pin number be cautious, that no one is watching you,and the shop assistant is looking away. Also use your hand as a shield to protect your identification.

Always be prepared for credit card fraud or theft and keep bank numbers handy at all times , so you will not end up in the same circumstance as my friend. Also try to take out insurance on your credit card so if it is stolen, you Will be covered. Don’t ever think it will never happen to you because there are many clever people out there who are waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce on an unsuspecting person.

If you cannot find your card, assume it is lost or stolen and cancel it straight away.

Hopefully, these tips will make life easier for you if the credit cards been stolen.