Travel Insurance Common Terms Explained

If you take travel insurance it is important that you understand all the terms described in your policy very well. Like in most policies it is not always easy to understand because some terms are specific for insurances and you don’t use these terms very frequently.

Some common terms in travel assurance are :

– Medical expenses: The expenses for all the medicines you need when you become sick during your travel and mostly these term includes also the expenses in case of emergency repatriation.

– Personal accident: An accident happened during your travel where you lost a leg or an eye; or you have broken an arm. In this case travel insurance will compensate your for these expenses

– Cancellation : Means that you need to cancel your trip before the trip started in case of sickness or death of a family member

– Curtailment : Means that you need to interrupt your trip by example in case of an accident during your travel by example some accidents in ski vacations

– Travel delay: Travel insurance will pay you back if there is a delay of some hours and you need to take a breakfast or a drink.

– Personal liability : If you by accident cause some injury by other people

– Adventurous activities: Accidents happen during adventure travels, examples being rafting or bungy jumping. Most travel insurance doesn’t cover such risk; in case you want to do such activities you need to add these in your policy

– Excess: The amount you have to pay in case of medical expenses; there is always a limit amount that you have to pay by yourself

– Legal expenses: The expenses you have in case you need a lawyer for something that happened during your travel or you need legal assistance during your travel

Be sure that you understand these common terms if you take travel insurance because it is important that all the necessary risks are covered in your travel insurance.