Tips for Dealing with your Insurance Company after a Car Accident

I think that after a car accident the last thing on your is dealing with your insurance company.Though as with the huge number of leased cars today its important to remember to protect yourself and return the car back as close to the day when you bought it.To start with as a driver always take the extra time when driving and making decisions.If that fails then we get into accidents and dealing with your insurance company.

If in the event you did have an accident first make sure you and the other person is OK and doesn’t need emergency medical help.Always remain calm and professional as the calmer you are the clearer your thought process will be in this stressful situation.Always carry in your glove compartment box a disposable camera.Once you start take a few different pictures from different angles of your damage,the other car and or cars and the scene as a whole.These pictures will help your insurance company in dealing with you and with the other drivers insurance companies.

After all of the pictures have been taken be sure to get as much information from all of the other parties involved in the accident.Anything written on the front of the drivers license is a good bet.Name,Address,Driver ID number.Also write down if you get the chance Insurance company information.The idea after any accident is to get as much information as possible.This will protect you and better help your insurance company to provide you with the fastest efficient service.

For protecting yourself and other cars involved I recommend carrying some small orange cones.Also a flashlight is great to have and you can use for reasons other then an accident.

No one plans to have an accident on purpose.Therefore if the accident was very bad and ambulances show up.Kindly ask the emergency medical technicians to what hospital the injured parties will be taken too.At the scene of the accident you are the eyes and ears for yourself and insurance company.You can never get to much information and you will never regret the results if you retrieve all of the information I have laid out.