Tips for Buying a House in Cincinnati oh

When purchasing a home anywhere, there are always common issues to look for, such as a leaking roof and the plumbing, but in this riverside city, you will need these tips for buying a house in Cincinnati, OH or you will end up paying much more than you need to.

Tips for buying a house in Cincinnati, OH

First. Purchasing a home in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is full of hills and that means homes and driveways built on shifting ground. When you do a foundation check, remember that even the smallest cracks will expand and due to flooding and erosion, a short number of years later, will be a concern that you will have to pay to have evaluated and fixed. If it has cracks, even tiny ones, keep looking.

Cincinnati has had a growing bedbug problems for the last five years and now, it is out of control. They can even be found in taxi cabs and movie theaters. Bug infestations make property worth very little and do not expect the seller to be honest. They simply want to unload a moneypit. When purchasing a home in Cincinnati, make sure there are no infestations, such as roaches, bed bugs, slugs, silverfish, and other creepy crawlies. Having to exterminate will ruin that new home feeling and make you wish you’d listened to these tips for buying a house in Cincinnati, oh.

Second. The price.

If you are not from the area, then you may not know that the home sits in a bad neighborhood or has had issues of violence nearby. Always haggle. In Cincinnati, this is a way of life and with the housing market being so low right now, it is sure to save you a lot of cash. When purchasing a home in Cincinnati, if you do not haggle, then you will be taken advantage of.

The average price of new home in Cincinnati is $125,000. A foreclosed or sell by owner will run you a bit cheaper, around $97,000. Better deals can be had on property that needs repairs or sits in a rough neighborhood. Have you checked out my guide to the neighborhoods of Cincinnati? That article will tell you the safest places to live in the Queen City.

Third. The Neighbors.

People can be funny in this town. You pass them on the street and smile and they glare in response. The economy is down, the poor are growing desperate, and that is most of the population. Check out the folks you will be sharing the street, schools, and stores with. You’ll see them everyday.

I hope these tips for buying a house in Cincinnati, OH have helped, though I personally do not recommend it. Crime rates and poverty are just about all that this once bustling gateway to the West has to offer now. There are wonderful museums and galleries and of course, the Cincinnati Zoo is a must-see, but all of these attractions are set in neighborhoods that are unsafe during the day, let alone at night, when the best events happen. Biggest of the tips for buying a home in Cincinnati: Don’t.