Teen Sexuality Involves two Teens and one Teen should never take Full Blame – No

An eighteen year old high school student and a younger high school student are equally responsible for having a relationship. After all, they may share the same classroom, same teacher and share the same experiences and both of them may be too immature to realize the consequences of their actions. If, this relationship is of a sexual nature. It may be difficult to discern if the eighteen year old is at fault, simply because he or she is a year or two older.

Recent studies on teen sexuality, have indicated that three out of every four 15-17 year-olds are influenced by the behavior that they’re exposed to by the media. There are some fifteen year-olds that are experienced, well beyond their years. It’s not fair to always blame this relationship on the eighteen year-old. Especially, if they’re both attending the same high school at the same time. 

The onset of social media acts as a conduit for the hook-up or teens getting together. There are so many reasons for a classmate to be interested in another classmate. Unfortunately, there are ramifications if the relationship exceeds a platonic friendship. Transmitting sexually-transmitted diseases, such as herpes, aids, pregnancy and an emotional melt-down for the majority of teens, who choose to participate in a sexual relationship. It’s more than evident that most young teens are not mature enough to deal with this type of relationship. Teens, don’t realize that sex with another teen could potentially be group sex. The majority of teens don’t always practice safe sex because they are trying to hide their illicit behavior.

A sexual encounter that is not consensual by both parties is a whole different story. In the case of date rape, the older offender should be criminally charged with rape of a minor. This exception should never be debated on if one teen claims that they were raped.    

Unsupervised teens or teens engaging in drinking alcohol, along with peer pressure may be another reason teens engage in sexual behavior. The majority of teens believe it’s cool to have a relationship while in high school. These teens are misinformed and believe that they can handle something that they know very little about. Relationships and teen sexuality is a huge responsibility to everyone involved. At times an unplanned pregnancy may involve another life that is dependent on the young teen to live.