Stock and Finance Apps for your Smart Phone or Tablet

Anyone who’s ever invested in the stock market knows how volatile it can be.  If you like to keep an eye on your stocks, whether to buy or sell or just to check on them, there are countless mobile apps for your smart phone or tablet that you can download.  These apps vary in quality and in price, but some good free apps are listed below.

– Yahoo! Finance (Android/Apple)

If you use Yahoo! Finance to track your personal portfolio, the Yahoo! Finance app will give you access to that portfolio from your phone or tablet.  Even if you don’t have a portfolio set up, you can use this app to track market indices as well as individual stocks.  It also includes access to a currency converter and top financial news stories.  The Yahoo! Finance app is available for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android devices.

– Vanguard (Android/Apple)

Vanguard customers can use the Vanguard app to view account balances, make trades, and view recent transactions.  You can also look up market trends and check specific investments.  Vanguard provides both an Android version of this app and an Apple version.

– T. Rowe Price Personal (Apple)

Those with a T. Rowe Price financial account will probably find this app useful.  You can view and manage your account right from your mobile device.  You’ll have access to 401(k)s, brokerage accounts, IRAs, and more.  This app is currently only available for Apple devices.

– Stocks – Real Time Stock Quotes (Android)

This Android app gives you access to real-time stock prices, along with financial news.  If you use Google Finance, you can sync your information with this app and manage your account from anywhere you can get a signal.  This app has been downloaded over one million times, and it has a user rating of 4.1 out of 5.

– Morningstar Mobile (BlackBerry)

Many investors and potential investors use Morningstar’s website and research to decide where to put their money.  Now you can get the same information from your phone or tablet with the Morningstar Mobile app.  You’ll be able to view Morningstar ratings, see real-time prices, and get current market news.  If you already have a Morningstar portfolio or watch list, you can access it from your mobile device through this app.  There are Apple and Android versions of this app as well.