Single Parent Student Loans Oregon

Unlike traditional college students who continue their studies straight from school, non traditional students such as single parents face more of a challenge. Until recently the choice was between having children and having a further education, whilst now the opportunities are there to do both. However, it is going to be much more difficult for the single parent to resume an education as there is far more than just themselves to consider. Most often the single parent will need to continue working whilst studying towards a college degree:plus run a household and bring up children. A determined single parent can take on the additional challenge of an education too, though the financial struggle will be hard.

Single parents in Oregon who are considering the huge financial leap involved in resuming their education, have some assistance at hand. The Oregon State Assistance Commission is responsible for administering both available grants, and also provides state funded monetary support. Oregon has a particularly good grants program in place administered by the OOG, Oregon Opportunity Grants. These are open to students who complete the application for federal state loans through the FAFSA, the first port of call of all students needing a loan of any kind for college needs. Through the OOG though, additional support is granted which thousands qualify for each year. One grant which is applicable to single parents is open to those who spent time in foster care, who can now prove economic need.

Another form of funding is available specifically for single parent students in the state of Oregon. Within the state there is the Ford Family Foundation Scholarships program, and within this there is a specific scholarship open to single parents who can demonstrate financial need.

The federal Stafford subsidized student loan is available to single parents and this is the most widely used loan of all student loans. It is needs based and not subject to a credit check. This is the first loan of choice as the federal government subsidize the interest payments due on the loan whilst the student is completing their education, and interest does not begin to accrue until six months after graduation. The loan has a preferential fixed interest rate leaving the student aware of exactly what the repayments will be over the term of the loan. It is more than likely that a single parent student for whom the cost of education is high will also qualify for a federal Pell grant which is non repayable.

Between federal loans and Oregon state assistance aid, plus Oregon grants and scholarships, the cost of a continuing education within Oregon for single parents becomes more attainable. Research the state aid which Oregon offers, and as a single parent student you may find assistance which puts most of the funding in place for continuing education to be a reality. This sets a wonderful example to the children of the value of education.