Should Criminals Convicted of non Violent Crimes Face Jail Terms – No

Putting people in jail for every little crime committed is not the way to go. We need to find a new and better way. We have overcrowding jails these days, and these people just don’t seem to be learning by being put behind bars all the time. I knew someone personally who would help people rob liquor stores knowing that he would get caught because it was what he had in plan. The reason that he would do this is because he felt he was safer in jail than out on the street. I have also had friends that say they love jail for the free room and board. Why would they want to be anywhere else. They ask. Some of these people are even better scam artists than the ones that are free walking about taking advantage of innocent people. But wait, these guys and gals are still taking advantage of us, because they are getting just what they want. These people admitted to wanting that free meal, that free room, the freedom of hassling bill collectors, they don’t want to be free because we the people of the United States are providing for their every need and safety. Not everyone who gets caught committing a crime is a scam artist. Some are just psychologically ill and have no other means of supporting themselves, whether it be because of a drug addiction or a mental illness from birth. These people need help. Unless the person is a rapist or a murderer, in this day and age were we have the ability to use leg band monitors and/or and embedded locater chips that can be placed under the skin in areas that would prove deadly if they were to try and remove it themselves, it incomprehensible why w still have these people in jails. Unless these people have committed violent crimes, keeping tabs on criminals should be easier with todays technology. It could even prove to create more jobs in a society that needs more jobs.

We already infringe upon the freedom of criminals by imprisoning them. I agree with some that these people have basically, they gave their rights up when the committed the crime. They have done more than that though. These people are crying out for help. They are trying to tell us, that they don’t know how to live in the society that we have created without us doing any thingto help them.

What happens to these people when the crime is done, because of drugs or mental illness? Murders and rapists definitely should go to jail. They are way to dangerous to be out in society under any circumstances. However,those who do less severe crimes such as burglary, breaking and entering, drugs, or other less harmful crimes are done out of an act of desperation and should be treated differently.

These people who commit the less dangerous crimes should be placed under house arrest with the leg band monitors and/or and embedded locater chip. When they wish to leave the house, they must call both their probation officer and an appointed a PSR (Psychological Social Rehabilitation) worker that would be expected to take them to work, to family meetings, to the store, etc. Never once would these people be allowed out on their own out of the house. If they leave the home without the PSR worker or without contacting the both the PSR and the probation officer than an alarm would be signaled raising the persons threat level up for the person to be re-evaluated and possibly placed in a Rehabilitation center for the mentally handicapped. These people just aren’t responsible enough to be on their own and these people aren’t bad enough to be placed in prison. After all these people are ill and needed to be treated as such. Their check would go directly to a fund account that they cannot access and pays for their everyday living including their mental health workers and the drivers needed to bus them around. Plus a portion of these funds should be placed into a social security plan for when they cannot work anymore. To put it blunt, these people are treated the same way a person with extremely handicapped person might be that cannot go unmonitored: they are monitored all the time within the boundaries of their own home placed in a court appointed job environment and paying for their crimes in dollar amounts as well as being taught to live normal proper lives. They are not learning anything by sitting in a cell accept, that they get free room and board every time they commit a crime.

They are children in grown bodies. Their understand is there, but is misguided and can’t fathom reality. I understood by many ex-convicts that they learned even more valuable trades inside the walls that were not of the legal nature. They don’t need to learn how to commit worse crimes. These people need to be taught by honest people how to be part of society without hurting it and themselves. They need teachers and educators that can teach what is right and wrong, how to reason better, how to see the truth of what rules were really paced here for. These people believe that rules weren’t made for them and that rules were made to keep people under lock and key. They don’t realize that rules are placed to keep people from getting hurt or to keep them from hurting others. The thieves don’t understand that when they take from others they are hurting not just one person but everyone that pays for the insurance fees. They don’t rationalize anything. They just act on impulse I believe. This is why are jails are overcrowding. These people are sick. Parents didn’t bother to teach them right from wrong, they didn’t get the discipline they needed, or they just couldn’t learn the information given to them because they didn’t have the proper learning tools for their particular learning disability. Believe it or not some people just don’t have any self control. I believe that these people who end up behind bars are just those people. They need help, love, and a new environment to learn in and grow. They are human beings who just need supervision, supervision that can more easily be provided than it could be ten or twenty years ago by implementing the new leg bands more fiercely.

In this environment if they do not have the education needed to make it in the real world, they can be sent to schools that can give them the education they need. An education that can reflect their field of expertise, abilities, interests, and keep them involved in society on a positive level instead of a negative one.

This proposal also benefit’s the workforce situation as well, because it would implement the need for more workers job field. After all, these people are going to need full-time babysitters to help them get around and deal with their disabilities. They no longer have any personal freedom. They have proved themselves unfit and unable to care for themselves. without proper supervision.

They may see themselves as adults, but they have proven that they truly don’t have what it takes to call themselves such, seeing how their decision making skills are truly questionable.

We have health care workers for the elderly, why don’t we have health-care workers for criminals? They are only sick people whose needs are continually neglected, because the legal system refuses to see what psychologists are seeing today, that they are not in control of their actions, even if they believe they are. Their mind says one thing and the legal system says another, so like a child they must be watched. Instead of placing them in a cell and having them watched on the taxpayers dollars, why aren’t they being placed in a home and job of the courts choosing and made to pay for their own crimes with their own money that they never get to see because they are having to pay for their own rehabilitation out of their pockets instead.

This proposal can work if implemented. If you like this proposal please print it out, and send a copy of your signed petition to each of your local political officials, including your senator and congressman. This could save us all thousands in tax-payer money and actually help rehabilitate hundreds of thousands of inmates.