Should a Woman have the right to Choose Abortion – Yes

A woman should have the right to abortion but she should not practise that right with a few exceptions which endanger the lives of the woman and or the child. A woman should practise prevention. A woman should not kill her own child for frivolous reasons but only in the case of self-defense just like any other killing is allowed only in self-defense scenarios which is to say when the pregnancy is a threat to the womans’ life. If the woman dies so will the baby so there’s no point to losing two lives. Women should consider other options besides abortion. I cannot comprehend how a woman can consider abortion when she can give up her child to decent adoptive parents who are yearning to adopt.

I have known several women who have regretted undergoing an abortion, some of them were affected phychologically and some were even harmed physically and could not concieve again. I believe that the father should also have a right to decide the fate of his own child. Yes, it is the womans’ body but if the father wants to raise the child than why abort? It seems so unnecessary in such a case.

I have to admit that I have mixed emotions in cases of rape and teen-age girls. These cases are rather complicated, especially rape pregnancies. A woman’s mental health is just as important as her physical health. I do not wish to judge anyone. Perhaps a physician would be best qualified in such a case. If the woman was in stable mental health, perhaps adoption would be the right solution.

Personally, I am against abortion. I was a single mother myself when I bore my first child. It sounds like I should be siding with the No side, I know. This is a complicated and emotional issue. My answer is therefore yes and no to this abortion question.

I have raised two sons and am proud to say that they are also against abortion. They take precautions to ensure that they do not father a child rather than just putting the responsibility upon the woman. They would never turn their backs upon their own baby if they were involved in an unplanned pregnancy. More fathers should shoulder their responsibility to their children, perhaps then there will be less abortions performed.