Save on Baby Items

Saving money on baby items is something that every parent whether they are having the first baby or the tenth can benefit from. There things that you actually need for the baby and things that you just think you need because of all the advertisements you see each day. Determining what you actually need and don’t need is the first step to saving money as a parent with a new baby. There are steps you can take to protect yourself from over spending.

Baby Shower

No matter how many children you have you can have a baby shower. Inviting family and friends for a gathering not only allows you to spend time with them but it can save you money as well. Gifts at a baby shower usually include things such as diapers, blankets, clothes and bath items. The costs of diapers adds up over time. Newborn diapers are expensive, and you will usually get at least one pack of these at the shower. (If you want to see a long term savings and you have the stomach for it you can use cloth diapers.)

Discount stores

After the baby shower you will know what you still need to buy yourself. Things such as a crib and a car seat are likely to still be needed. Watching the sales will help you to find a crib on sale. There isn’t any need to spend a fortune on baby bath, you can buy the generic versions for less and they work just as well.

Used Baby Items

If you have friends with children or older children at home there might be some used baby items that you can use. Blankets and clothing are fairly safe to get second hand. Checking to make sure that there are no loose threads or buttons on clothing will help to ensure safety. Searching online stores for second hand clothing can make it easier to find clothing for your baby.

Items you don’t need

Baby bath tubs are usually more of a hassle than they are worth. Babies less than six months old can easily be bathed in the sink. There isn’t any need for the baby bath tub, and bath tub ring works to keep the baby sitting in one spot when they get too big to fit in the sink. Baby bath clothes while they are cute can be a pain to use. Regular size bath clothes fit adult hands better and cover more of baby when you bath them. Quick baths keep smaller babies from getting cold, so a larger bath cloth makes more sense.


There isn’t any need to spend a small fortune on toys. One or two that make noise or light up can entertain a baby for hours.

Car Seats
This is among one of the largest expenses. Check for programs in your area that offer free car seats with the completion of a class in infant safety. The courses are easy to sign up for and often just require an hour of your time a couple days a month to complete. That’s not too much to ask for the relief of an expense that can easily be $100.

Save money on baby items by paying attention to what you actually need. When you decide that you need everything in the world for your new baby you’ll find that half of the things you buy never see the light of day.