Renters Insurance for Students

Renters Insurance cna be a true lifesaver for college students.

When your apartment is broken into, you will discover that the insurance the owner has doesn’t help you at all. they are covered for the physical damage, broken locks, windows, doors and the like, but your possessions are your problem. Most college students and their families do not have the dollars to replace computers, clothes and all the other items…including your very expensive textbooks.

Renters Insurance is typically inexpensive, easy to get and will cover nearly everything you can think of. Many policies even cover damage you do to individuals and property. Renters Insurance can help you in the event of a liability lawsuit.

To rent a property without Renters Insurance is a foolish thing to do. While some homeowners policies cover children at school, some don’t…and even when they do, it means an incident at school may raise the rates on the parent’s home policy. For those parents not owning a home, it is important that the student have Renters Insurance. It would be a good idea if the parents did, too. Crime and disaster hit everywhere.

Disaster…thats right. What happens if the apartment or house you rent is burned or flooded…or a windstorm? Again, the owner is covered for the building…but you are out in the cold and have no possessions. Renters Insurance can cover some of your living expenses as well as replacing your belongings. Coverages may include fire, theft, vandalism, smoke damage, cars hitting your apartment or house, riots, and many other common problems that can cause a loss to you.

Picture two people, living in the same apartment complex. There is a fire. Neither one has their apartment actually burned, but there is smoke samage, water damage and they cannot stay there until repairs are made. Their belongings are damaged or destroyed.

Jim has Renters Insurance. a call to his company and they help him with living expenses, replace property and allow him to continue in school with minimum down time. The few dollars a month becomes the best investment Jim has made in his young life. He will continue in school and find a new place in days.

John had no Renters Insurance. He has $100.00 to his name and his folks are stretched, helping him stay in school. With no way to replace his books, computer, clothes and gear…no way to pay for a place to stay, John is out for at least a sememster. Whether he can return at all is a question. Two years of work, loans and more…GONE. Renters Insurance would have made the difference.

If a student is going to live off campus…or even on campus in some instances…Renters Insurance is not a luxury. It is a necessity. The difference between quick recovery and getting on with life and true disaster is Renters Insurance.

When you rent a place to stay, you need Renters Insurance. Whether you are a student or not, you cannot afford to leave yourself vulnerable to life’s surprises. As a student, with money typically tight, having this form of insurance is VITAL.

Renters Insurance is truly a Student MUST in today’s world.