Money Making Ideas your Options

There are different ways a person is able to make money and coming up with the idea is the easy part. Unfortunately the hard part about money-making ideas is following the idea through so you can actually make money from it. Usually the things stopping a person from achieving a monetary increase is fear of starting, procrastination, lack of education/research/preparation to get the ball rolling.

Now money making ideas can be separated into different categories:

– Talent

– Creative products/Inventions

– Employee

– Business Owner

– Illegal Corporations

– Sales

Talent includes things like being an author, musician, actor, artist in painting/sculptures/photography and more. You all know what type of people these are and if you have an idea to become one then get yourself an agent/agency that believe you have such ability and let them help you find work. Once you’re established in the industry then wait for the royalty cheques to come in and live off it.

Being able to brain storm and come up with a fantastic product or invention that could serves millions is definitely a way of making money. Once you come up with an idea/concept. Do your research; check that no-one has already achieved it. Go to a lawyer and pay money to have it patented so no-one can steal or claim the idea as there own and have the ability to sue anyone who copies you. Once you develop a working proto-type, sell the idea to a big manufacturing company or corporation that is willing to reproduce and sell for you. Either that or do it yourself by gaining investors who are willing to fund the project. Everyone has heard of shows like Dragons Den.

If all you know is working for your money, than why not be an employee. So many people these days believe that if they need extra money on top of what they are already earning from there regular job. They must get a second or even third job. There is nothing wrong with this except for the higher tax paid out before you get what ever is left over. Sometimes this is so not worth it, and after awhile it’s like slave labour. But then everyone has there opinion.

Deciding to be a business owner is an interesting money making idea. The saying of “Mind your own Business” comes to mind. This could be through Net Working businesses/franchise, being a self employed contractor, or owning a business but letting a manager run it for you. The only thing is that you have to keep an eye on the accounting books. Having an investment portfolio fits into this category as you are an owner of assets/electronic funds/stocks and shares. This is all about mind set, may it be physical or mental. Some times it involves a combination of education, brain storming and talent. It’s harder work in most cases but well worth it in the end when you think about the future generation that will benefit from your achievements.

Now if I was evil at heart or into the concept of “Good girls gone Bad” Then making money through some sort of illegal dealings or ideas would be the way to go; from growing drugs, to pimping out prostitutes, gambling, theft, joining the mob, extortion, fraud, begging or even becoming an assassin. All very exciting and great in the movies but not in real life; yes there are people out there who do this but seriously the only way to get out of the industry is through death.

The last but not the least is Sales. Having a garage sale or selling your material assets on the internet. You can buy something at a cheap price and on-sell it for a hirer charge. Get rid of old things to second-hand stores, sell at a flea market. Have a stall at a fair/carnival selling you good/services. Sell raffle tickets for prizes to raise money. But what ever you have and don’t need then why not sell it. There is the saying “Some-ones trash is another person’s treasure.” Or something like that anyway. Number one rule with this idea is only deal in cash and be careful with identify theft when dealing with bank transfers between accounts. Other than that this is something simple and that everyone can do.

So in the end what ever way you want to take to make money. Mentally prepare yourself, do some research, way up your options and go for it. Don’t wait too long either or before you know it, the opportunity is gone.