Medical Coverage for People over 75

If you thinking that the only health insurance available to you is Medicare, think again. There are other health insurance products that may help keep you health insurance costs down and add some enhance coverage benefits as well.

The U.S. Government offers Medicare Advantage. These are programs designed to enhance standard Medicare insurance. These optional products include utilization of an HMO network, a preferred provider network and other options including a medical spending account product (MSA) and a prescription drug option. There are costs associated with each option, but they are designed to lower your out of pocket expenses when you need the coverage. The product offerings are more like a cafeteria plan where you can pick which coverages you want.

Also available are Medicare supplement insurance products are available for anyone who is eligible for Medicare part A & B. They are standardized product offerings and are designated Plan A through Plan J. Each increment offers a bit more coverage at a higher premium. These plans are more designed as one size fits all. Plan A offers the least benefits where Plan J offers the most.

All product offerings under Medicare supplements include an additional 365 lifetime days for hospitalization. Medicare gives you 60. Coverage is provided for the first 3 pints of blood that Medicare doesn’t cover if you need blood. And finally, each plan covers the 20% of Part B expenses that Medicare doesn’t.

At the top end, Plan J covers the coinsurance for skilled nursing facilities, Part A deductibles and a list of additional benefits.

As you can see, there’s more available to the senior community than just Medicare. If you need help getting coverage, contact a licensed insurance agent or contact you state insurance department to direct you to insurance companies and agents offering these products in your area.