Managing Student Loans

Unfortunately with cost of tuition rising it’s difficult for averaged income families to afford college tuition. Most people feel the only way to pay for college is to take out loans and many of them. When you take out loans, you have to pay them back and the few hundred dollars a month will reflect on your overall salary. Try to avoid or at least minimize the amount of student loans you have to take out.

There are always scholarships. Take the time to look for them. They are out there. Apply to many, although some give a small pay out every dime works for you. Look at the school that you are apply to for a local alumni association. The association may have scholarship opportunities. Be involved. There are non-profits that offer some college assistants, grants, and scholarships. Look at government grants. There might be a paper, a research project, or a volunteer opportunity that you can get involved in that will give you some college money.

Think about taking a year or two off before college and go to Americorps or vista that also gives a educational stipend at the end of the service. There are some companies that offer tuition reimbursement.

Try and take AP courses in your high school. That will cut down on the classes you have to take in college and less money. Take a class or two during the summer at your local community college and transfer the credits in.

Also think about is what career field you want to get into. Is it necessary to go to an elite private school if in the end you won’t be making enough to pay that university tuition. If you aren’t going to be a doctor, lawyer, or an investment banker, think about going to a cheaper school. There is nothing wrong with starting your college career at an affordable community college or even state school.

There are also some careers that are in shortage. Teachers, nurses, social workers. Look for state funding. In these shortage areas there are organizations that are willing to pay for your college tuition as long as you work in that career for a few years after you graduate.

Think about going to school part-time. It will take longer, but may more cost effective in the long run.

And of course there is the military. In these times not the most popular idea, but there is an offer to pay college even if you are a reservist or national guardsman.